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PWE - Introducing CORE Connect!

By frankieraye | Tue 21 Sep 2010 06:05:37 PM PDT


 Ladies and gentlemen, we here at Perfect World Entertainment are pleased to introduce to you the new, improved, and completely overhauled profile system – CORE Connect!


To simply call this new system a profile page would be the understatement of the year. 

CORE Connect features a brand new achievement system with dozens of achievements for every PWE title, a guild page system that lets guilds create their own area to post news and updates on, an overhauled profile page with numerous additions to the old system, and even the ability to broadcast your in-game achievements through your Facebook wall with the Facebook Connect tool.

Let’s break this down a little, shall we?  First of all, the new guild management page will include a full roster of everyone currently in the guild.  You’ll be able to see “who’s who” in the guild, and keep in contact with everyone with a built in guild-exclusive message board.  You will even be able to apply to join various guilds through the guild pages themselves.




Secondly, the achievement system features the ability for users to keep track of their in-game accomplishments, and even show them off in a personalized trophy case visible by all who view their profile!  There are multiple categories of achievements to earn, including character, crafting, economic, PvP, questing, and even social achievements.






The new and improved profile system will allow you even greater control over how you connect with those you game with.  You’ll be able to connect with players you’ve talked to, traded with, or even killed!  You’ll also be able to show off your in-game characters on your profile page.




Additionally, the overhauled profile page will keep track of all of your friends’ updates and accomplishments as well.  You’ll be able to leave messages on your friends’ wall, as well as post pictures of your in-game exploits, or just pictures of yourself and your friends from real life!

Finally, you will be able to broadcast your updates automatically to your Facebook page by using the Facebook Connect tool.




Upon clicking the "Connect" button under your profile picture, various in-game achievements will be published to your Facebook profile for all of your friends to see!


All in all, we’re extremely excited to finally be rolling this out for everyone to enjoy.  A lot of hard work has gone into creating this new networking feature, and we’re really looking forward to everyone and their friends getting involved with CORE Connect!


Note:  This system is launching in its Beta phase.  If any bugs or errors are discovered, please post them in the stickied thread in the general discussion board of any PWE title.

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