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Marketplace Update

By Lugia | Wed 14 Feb 2018 01:00:00 AM PST

We’re starting the Valentine’s Day celebrations with a sale on all your needs to have a happy ever after! Read on to find out more!Unless otherwise stated, all sales run for the duration listed below!


 Love is in the Air!


Starts: 2/14/2018 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

Ends: 2/21/2018 @ 1:00 AM Server Time



Declare your love to everyone: Rose Heart, First Lotus, Rose Romance and Lotus Affection are all 50% off!

**Note: Stacked effects of the above listed items!


 Rose Heart


 First Lotus


 Rose Romance


 Lotus Affection



The  Bride Packs and  Groom Packs (which will be removed after the sale) are now 50% off, along with  Banquet Reservation.


 Wine, alongside with the  Wedding Invitation are also 50% off during the period!


The flowers  Forever Happy,  Sincere Blessing,  Beautiful Love and the  Flower of Fortune are all available for 75 Silver per stack of 5!


The  Mysterious Chip Pack will be removed from the Shop after the sale, you can still get them at the following prices and quantity:


50 for 15 Silver

100 for 25 Silver


Also leaving the Shop after the sales is the  Medal of Glory, furthermore if you purchase one you’ll receive 1000  Mysterious Chip Pack for free!

1 for 13 Gold

5 for 50 Gold



Ride off with your Prince Charming in the Midnight Ball Carriage or get a lift in an Extreme Love Balloon.


 Midnight Ball Carriage


 Extreme Love Balloon


When purchasing 1  War Avatar Chest: S you’ll receive 20  War Avatar Catalyst
for free and 10 if you purchase 1  War Avatar Chest: A.


The following Cinderella Set and the Dashing Prince Set will be removed after the sale.


 Cinderella Set (female)


 Dashing Prince (male)


 Wedding Dress Set (female)


 Dress Suit Set (male)


 Lovebird Set (female)


 Lovebird Set (male)


Didn’t get the perfect shade of color for that fashion you just picked up? Take a pigment sale on the following colors!


 Pink Pigment

 Perfect Pink Pigment

 White Pigment

 Red Pigment

 Fuchsia Pigment

 Violet Red Pigment

 Coral Red Pigment



Pick up love-themed Fashion weapons to show how much you love your significant other! Those Fashion weapons will be permanently removed after the sales!


 Night Stalker


 Swooning Swan


 Serenading Swan


 Staff of the Rose


 Crimson Thorn


 Thorns of Love


 Enchanted Rose


 Dueling Lovers


 Heartstruck Bow



Starts: 02/17/2018

Ends: 02/24/2018


Finally the mystical treasures  Cache of the Clouds and  Midnight’s Toll will be available in the Shop at the following quantity & prices.


1 for 30 Silver

10 for 2 Gold and 80 Silver

20 for 5 Gold and 40 Silver

50 for 13 Gold

100 for 25 Gold


Thank you for playing PWI and we’ll see you in game!

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