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Neuma Portal Spend Raffle & Spend Promotion

By Lugia | Wed 07 Feb 2018 12:00:00 AM PST

This week, catch an epic raffle event for a Neuma Portal Chest! Plus, catch an unlimited Spend Promo on Machinist’s Oil! Read on to find out more!


Starts2/07/2018 @ 12AM PT

Ends2/11/2018 @ 11:59 PM PT


Entries for this raffle will use Astrid War Avatar Token to track your participation!

You will be sent these tokens for Spending the appropriate amounts. Spend 20 Gold and get a placeholder token, Astrid!



Item Name




 Astrid War Avatar Token




Redeem limit - unlimited


How this works :

For Spending 20 Gold, you will receive Astrid War Avatar Tokens during the specified period.

Keep these tokens in your inventory and do not get rid of them until the winners have been drawn.

After the specified period is over, winners will be selected.

The token is a placeholder item – you will NOT receive an “Astrid” War Avatar Card in your bag.

The token is purely for tracking entries into the raffle for a Neuma Portal Chest, and does not guarantee that you will win.

One winner per server will be drawn!

Winners will be announced on Twitter @AroundTheArcPWE on February 16th at 5 PM PT!


All items will be sent via-ingame mail.

All items will come bound and will be sent to the in-game mailbox.

Make sure to keep your mailbox clear to properly receive all rewards!



On top of this raffle, we have a special Spend Promotion running as well!


Starts2/07/2018 @ 12 PM PT

Ends2/09/2018 @11:59 PM PT


How it work:

Spend the gold requirement and earn the appropriate prize. It’s that simple!


Here’s what you can earn!


Item Name




 Machinist’s Oil




Reward Distribution

  • Promotion is unlimited redeem!
  • All items will be acquired through the in-game mail system and will be bound.
  • Items will be sent to the character that made the purchase. 

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