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Flash Sales Into Wonderland

By Lugia
Fri 26 Jan 2018 01:00:00 AM PST

Get ready to enter Wonderland with a special series of Flash Sales in the Cash Shop! These sales only last 24 hours on each day, so grab them before they leave!


Day 1

Starts: 01/26 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 01/27 @ 1:00 Server Time


 Crown of Sochi

One of our most popular packs returns at the price of 25 Silver! Pick some up today for your chance at some fashion or if you’re particularly lucky, the elusive Crown of Madness. You can also pick 10 for 2 Gold and 50 Silver, 20 for 5 Gold, 50 for 12 Gold and 50 Silver or finally 100 for 25 Gold!


 Dark Lord Set (Onyx)



 Dark Lord Set (Ivory)


 Demure Attendant Set



Day 2

Starts: 01/27 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 01/28 @ 1:00 Server Time


 Hidden Orchid Treasure Trove

Another one of our more popular packs makes a return on Day 2 at 25 Silver or at the following prices:


10 for 2 Gold and 50 Silver

20 for 5 Gold

50 for 12 Gold and 50 Silver

100 for 25 Gold


 Orchidmane Hippogriff


 Dapper Rose Set (male)


 Cherry Topper Set (female)



Day 3

Starts: 01/28 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 01/29 @ 1:00 Server Time


 Chienkun Stone

Used for Refining equipment and Refinement Transfers. You can purchase 1 for 20 Silver or 10 for 2 Gold.



 Day 4

Starts: 01/29 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 01/30 @ 1:00 Server Time


 War Avatar Catalyst

Available at 20 Silver, it’s used to craft War Avatar chests at the Resistance Force Leader in Kirin Town. Can also enhance your Leadership at the War Avatar Master.


The following War Avatar Packs will be removed after the sale.

 War Avatar Destroyer Pack

 War Avatar Lifeprime Pack

 War Avatar Soulprime Pack

 War Avatar Durability Pack

 War Avatar Longevity Pack

 War Avatar Battle Pack





Day 5

Starts: 01/30 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 01/31 @ 1:00 Server Time


 Illusionary Crystal


When you buy an Illusionary Crystal, you’ll receive one Dragon Orb (5 Star) for free!


Important: The Dragon Orb 5 Star that comes with the Illusionary Crystal can only be used on Bound Gear, cannot be combined to create higher level Dragon Orbs and is bound to the character that purchases it.




Wonderland launches January 31st, 2018! Will you be ready?

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