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Marketplace Update

By Lugia
Wed 03 Jan 2018 01:00:00 AM PST

It’s a start of a brand new Year in Perfect World! Unless otherwise stated all sales run for the duration listed below!


Starts: 1/3/2018 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 1/17/2018 @ 1:00 Server Time



 Casket Of Wisdom


Take this chance to pick up the Casket of Wisdom and earn yourself a Royal Undine Mount!

 Royal Undine


Curious about what else you can get? Droplist below!

Iceshard Coin

 Golden Coin

 Perfect·Token of Best Luck

 Platinum Spirit Charm

 Platinum Guardian Charm

 Diamond of Tiger

 Diamond of Dragon

 Garnet Gem

 Sapphire Gem

 Stone of the Savant

 Primeval Stone

 Pyro Stone

 Flood Stone

 Bloody Stone

 Brilliance Stone

 Yaksha Stone

 Battlement Stone

 Warsoul: Samantabhadra Pack

 Warsoul: Arkarsja Pack

 Warsoul: Jakari Pack

 Warsoul: Ksitigarbha Pack

 Warsoul: Vajra Pack

 Warsoul: Manjusri Pack

 Warsoul: Avalokites Pack

 Scroll of Tome

 Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade

 Warsong Marshal Badge

 Cube of Fate Stamp

 ☆☆☆Crown of Madness

 ☆☆Matchless Wings

 ☆☆Sky Cover

 ☆☆Cloud Stir

 Stone of the Jungle Pack

 W. Waistband Inscription Pack

 Reawakening VI Finger Bead

 Bookless Transcript

 Script of Fate

 Medal of Glory

 Mysterious Chip Box

 Fortifications Seal

 Dayflame Soul

 Wishful Wing Token

 Accessory Socket Stone

 Citrine Gem

 Dapper Rose Pack

 Cherry Topper Pack

 Royal Undine





 Glorious Mirth






 Ancient Gazer

 Drifting Martyr

 Fallen Roc

 Silk Perfume


Curious about what else you can get? Droplist below! 

 Perfect·Token of Luck - 15 

 Perfect·Token of Best Luck

 Platinum Guardian Charm

 Platinum Spirit Charm 

 Diamond of Tiger

 Diamond of Dragon

 ☆Wings of Cloudcharger

 Scroll of Tome 

 Rapture Chest 

 Uncanny Chest

 Championship Scroll

 Cube of Fate Stamp

 Stone of the Savant

 Primeval Stone

 Frost Feather

 Masquerade Hat 

 Masquerade Mask 

 Graceful Antelope 

 X'mas Carnival Ticket

 Sapphire Fashion Memento

 Swift Talisman 

 Cloud Rider Badge

 Drakeflame Stone

 Stone of Gaea

 Icebourne Stone

 Medal of Glory

 ☆☆Matchless Wings

 ☆☆Sky Cover

 ☆☆Cloud Stir

 Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament

 Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon 

 Script of Fate 



    Astrospira Pearls (Lv1, Lv2, Lv3)

An essential item for Starshifting, which increases the aptitude of one of the five Birth Stars you own.

LV1 can be used when the total aptitude is lower than 10. 50 Silver
 can be used when the total aptitude is lower than 15. 1 Gold
LV3 can be used when the total aptitude is lower than 20. 2 Gold

 Starseeker Powder

Starseeker Powder is a must-have for all PWI players willing to make the most out of their Star Charts! It allows you to perform Stargazing and change which starpoints – and therefore which Attributes - you want to activate. 75 Silver


Nebula Dust Orb

An essential item for conducting Horoscopes on your Star Charts. It randomly shifts the attribute quantity, attribute content, and attribute position.
Astral Energy gain: 1

1 for 50 Silver

10 for
5 Gold

50 for 20 Gold


From 1/3/2018 @ 1:00 Server Time to 1/10/2018 @ 1:00 Server Time, pick up the following items on sale for a limited time!

 Illusionary Crystal30 Gold

 Dragon Orb Ocean25 Gold


Thanks for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!


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