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Black Friday Mystery Flash Spend

By Lugia
Wed 15 Nov 2017 12:00:00 AM PST

To celebrate Thanksgiving and early Black Friday, we will be having plenty of flash sales over the next 14 days!



How it works:


Spend the required Gold amount on specific dates to receive items as detailed below. It's that simple!

  • Flash Sales will take place from 11/15 until 11/28All the sales will start at 00:00 PST and end at 23:59 PST of that same day.
  • These promos can be combined with any upcoming future promos that land on these days!
  • Check this post again in the upcoming days for more flash offers!







15 Gold

 Primordial Blood



20 Gold

 Barbaric Blood


11/17 20 Gold  Ancient Gift 5
11/18 25 Gold  Soulgem Pack Coupon 1
11/19 30 Gold  Basic Badge 7
11/20 40 Gold  Dragon Orb Pack 10
11/21 45 Gold  Dragon Orb (7 Star) 1
11/22 55 Gold  War Avatar Pack S 2
11/23 55 Gold  Dragon Orb (8 Star) 1
11/24 60 Gold  Dragon Orb (9 Star) 1
11/25 65 Gold  Dragon Orb Ocean 1
11/26 125 Gold  War Avatar Chest : A 3
11/27 150 Gold  Dragon Orb Mirage 1
11/28 200 Gold  Dragon Orb Flame 1


Please note:


  • Items will be sent via in-game mail to the character who spent the Gold. Make sure you have enough space in your mailbox!
  • Rewards can only be redeemed once per character.


Thank you for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!

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