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World Boss Assault on Archosaur

By Lugia
Sun 05 Nov 2017 08:00:00 AM PST

The world shakes and trembles under the footsteps of the World Bosses as they launch a full assault on Archosaur City! On November 5th at the following times listed below, take up your arms and fight off the invasion!



(All times listed in PDT)

Dawnglory 10 AM PDT

Tideswell 3:30 PM PDT

Etherblade 5:30 PM PDT

Twilight Temple 6:00 PM PDT


The following World Bosses’ will be present at this fight, so be prepared!


Watcher of Chasm

Mystery of Antiquity


Minion of Death

Cerberean Sentinel

Ancient Spearman


Auprus: Ton

Shadow Doll

Sonic Oppressor

Soul Hunter

Hornska Lord


Sword Tamer


Broadkris Drudge


Will you emerge victorious? Or will the World Bosses break through and attack the citizens within Archosaur’s walls? 


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