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October In-game Events

By Lugia
Mon 09 Oct 2017 09:00:00 AM PDT

As the air chills, new monthly events roll in! 



Auspicious Contest


Starts: Monday 10/9/2017

Ends: Friday 10/13/2017


The event will be started at the following times on each server! Please note all times listed are PST!

  • Dawnglory: 9 AM
  • Tideswell: 3 PM
  • Etherblade: 5 PM
  • Twilight Temple: 5PM


The Master Astrologist in Northern Archosaur will appear with a quest for players to keep the phoenix, Zhu Que, from making his trip through the center of Archosaur.

Zhu Que starts his trip outside of the South Gate of Archosaur, high up in the sky. The players who inflict damage to a sizable portion of his total health will be teleported to a field of Auspicious Chests upon Zhu Que's defeat. Each player may only dig one chest, which may award one of the following:

 Hyper EXP Stone

 Radiant Shard

 Teleport Stone

 Dream Guardian Scroll

 Teleport Incense

 Incomparable Garnet Shard             

 Incomparable Sapphire Shard           

 Incomparable Citrine Shard   

 Dragon Orb (8 Star)

 Dragon Orb (5 Star)

 Absence Note 

 Contestant's Fashion Ticket



Quick As the Wind Event


Starts: Monday 10/9/2017

Ends: Friday 10/13/2017


The event will be started at the following times on each server! Please note all times listed are PST!


  • Dawnglory: 9:30 AM
  • Tideswell: 3:30 PM
  • Etherblade: 5:30 PM
  • Twilight Temple: 5:30 PM


Think you’re the fastest soloer on the server? Compete against other players during the Quick As the Wind Event!

This event is on a 30 minute timer - find the Agent of Wind at one of three locations: Etherblade (438, 886), City of the Plume (334, 428), or City of the Lost (254, 641).

Once the boss is killed, you'll be awarded two items: a Sealed Wraith Essence and a token of the slain boss. Only the first 99 players to turn in the essences will receive a reward! There will be system messages that go off when 9, 29, 49, 69, and 89 essences have been turned in.

The event ends when either 99 players have turned in Sealed Wraith Essences or the full 30 minutes have elapsed since the Agent of Wind appeared.



Wraith Hunters


Wraith Hunter Descends


Starts: Wednesday 10/11/2017 (After Maintenance)

Ends: Wednesday 10/23/2017 (After Maintenance)


Reminder: In order to participate, players will need to reach level 100 and have progressed through the Boundary quests to Mirage Sky I. Players will need to kill four monsters a day at set times in order to collect enough Wraith Hunter Insignia’s to turn in for a War Avatar Pack S! Collect four Wraith Hunter Insignia’s and exchange them for 1 War Avatar Pack S!


Wraith Hunter Times


16:00 – 16:15 (server time)

18:00 – 18:15 (server time)

20:00 – 20:15 (server time)

22:00 – 22:15 (server time)


System broadcasts will go out periodically to notify players when to pick up the quest.



Tsuchun’s Treasure


Starts: Wednesday 10/18/2017 (After Maintenance)

Ends: Wednesday 10/25/2017 (After Maintenance)


Go on a Scavenger Hunt to earn Reputation and great rewards! To get started, visit the Twilight Survivor NPC (547,628) and accept Tsuchun's Treasure quest. Each account can receive it up to 10 times.



You will receive a treasure map that will expire after 24 hours. You can find it in your Quest log.

A light will appear on your mini-map and change colors as you approach the treasure. Once it is red, start digging to find Tsuchun's Treasure! Don't wait, as the chest will disappear after 10 minutes.



From this chest, you will get 50 Reputation points and different items, which can be exchanged for rewards at the Twilight Survivor NPC:

  • Laborer's Insignia
  • Swirling Robes Brocade
  • Ruined Disguising Scroll
  • Essential Oil Vial
  • Teleport Totem Piece
  • Home Fragrance Powder



Celestial Tigers Event


Starts : Tuesday 10/11/2017

Ends: Wednesday 10/18/2017


The event will be started at the following times on each server! Please note all times listed are PST!


  • Dawnglory: 10 AM
  • Tideswell: 4 PM
  • Etherblade: 5:45 PM
  • Twilight Temple: 5:45 PM


Every day, starting on the 11th and ending on the 18th, enjoy the return of the Celestial Tigers Event! Back by popular demand, this weekly Monday event will now run on new times.


When the event starts, report to a Keeper of the Tiger to see how you can help. These Keepers can be found near the Elder of every capital city, and at the western crossroad in Archosaur. Remember to speak with the Keeper of the Tiger NPC twice. You will receive a Celestial Tiger Directive the first time you speak with the NPC, which enables you to do the gem and report quests that are given by the Elders. Speak with the Keeper NPC a second time to accept the main Celestial Tigers quest. You will need to be on this quest in order to get any credit for the other related quests.


Celestial Tigers and Tiger Minions


Phase 1:

During this phase, the Tiger Minions have begun to invade the land. They have rallied together and are awaiting orders to attack, which makes this the perfect opportunity for a pre-emptive strike! It is up to you and the other brave souls to find and slay them. For those of you who are committed to the non-violent way of life, you can also gain Contribution points by collecting Tiger Soul Herbs during this phase.


Phase 2:

After the Tiger Minions have taken sufficient casualties, the Celestial Tigers themselves appear. They too will be found around the cities. Don't take them lightly, for they are much more powerful than their minions. You can also gain Contribution points by collecting Tiger Spirit Herbs during this phase. After the Celestial Tigers have been defeated, the event will end. It is at this point that random contribution points will be distributed amongst the players.


The Spoils of War


The higher-tier prizes can contain various rare items, including but not limited to:


Celestial Shards - Can be turned in at any mailbox for great items.

Celestial Insignias - Similar to Celestial Shards, but they are more valuable and can be traded/sold to other players.

Demon/Sage Event Card - Can be redeemed that the PW Boutique Agent for 50 Event Points. These Event Points can be used in the Event Boutique, which can be accessed by clicking on the gem icon at the top right corner of the regular PWI Boutique (press O). The Event Boutique has a lot of great items available, including many fashions as well as Silver Guardian/Spirit Charms!


And remember, once the event is over, you will only have 5 minutes to head to a mailbox to claim your prize, so don't delay!


Please look forward to your old favorite events being run throughout the year during brand new times!



Event Rush Announcement For Race of the Ages


Due to the overwhelming amount of Past of Frostcovered City that was received during the Rae of the Ages event, the following events will be ran:


Wraith Hunters

Twilight Survivor

Scholarly Challenge

Celestial Tigers

Dragon Temple

Airship Race


These events will have its own dedicated newspost, so keep an eye out for the announcement when it goes live! This event rush is separate from the events being posted here! 


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