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Player’s Choice Boutique Results!

By Lugia
Mon 11 Sep 2017 09:00:00 AM PDT


Results are in! Here’s the top voted items that will make their way into the Cash Shop! Are you ready?

Remember: the following items will go on sale on September 20th!



 Crown of Sochi

 General Summer's Token

 Medal of Glory

 Violet Razor

 Jade Brilliance

 Rhyme of the Finch

 Rising Phoenix

 Exquisite Seadragon

 Lover of the Wind


 Fortune Key

 Dragon Orb Ocean

 Timely Rabbit Set (M/F)

 Childish Snail

 Aladdin's Magic Carpet

 Seawrath Whale

 Fiendish Wing

 Crimson Shade

 Skyrage Shark


 Royal Sakura

 Netherflame Kirin

 Brilliant Seraph Wings

 Luminous Petal

 Emerald Glass

 Grinning Devil


 Dragon Orb Flame

 PWI Summer Tee (F)
 PWI Summer Tee (M)


All Current Permanent Cash Shop Flyers
(Not Including newest additions)


 Deathgrip Nightmare

 Astral Seraph

 Bonds of Annata

 Radiant Twilight

 Terra's Embrace


 Big Red

 Soothing Breeze


 Illusionary Crystal


 Winterlord’s Steed




 Brilliant Butterfly Set (F)


 Lord Tyrants Steed


 War Avatar Treasure Box


 Mischievous Monkey Set (F)


 Mandarin Silk Set


 Wraithtouched Set (M)


 Fuhsi Pearl

 Featherswept Wings

 Wings of Luminescence

 Wind Widget


 Phoenix Feather

 Source of Force

 Harpy Plume

 Soulroot Stone

 Mysterious Bone

 Energy Core


*Special Announcement*


In addition to all these items, two items from the previous Player’s Choice that were highly voted have made their way into this special shop!

The following items will also go on sale!

 War Avatar Chest : A

 War Avatar Chest : S


If you haven’t already, be sure to redeem your code for voting in Player’s Choice!



~* iLTu4VkM ~*


Expiration Date : 09/30/2017

x4  War Avatar Pack S
x1  Demon/Sage Event Card (redeems for 50 Event Gold)
x1  War Avatar Chest : A


*Important Notes About Codes*

  • Code is only redeemable once per account.
  • All items received in codes are bound to account and cannot be traded or account stashed.
  • Please make sure you have enough space in your mailbox before redeeming your code.
  • Some items received through codes may be ticket items, which require at least one quest slot to auto redeem and at least 2 free bag spaces.
  • If you are unable to redeem a code right away, please try again in a few minutes as the volume of redeems might be high at that time.
  • Newly created characters or accounts may have issues redeeming codes, if this happens, wait a while and then try again.



Thanks for participating and Happy 9th Anniversary! 


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