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PWI Player’s Boutique!

By Lugia
Mon 07 Aug 2017 09:00:00 AM PDT

Ever wanted to choose items to go into the boutique? Now’s your chance!

We’re putting the votes to you, our players, for the items you want to see in the boutique. Ever wanted that really cool unreleased fashion set for yourself? Or did you see a mount you’ve always wanted?



Item Suggestion Round: August 7th

Item Suggestion Round End : August 11th


Voting Starts : August 16th

Voting Ends : August 30th


Sales Starts : September 20th

Sales Ends : September 27th



How it Works


Players will be provided with an exhaustive list of items that can be sold - select items that were put up to the poll last time will make their return from the previous Player's Choice Cash Shop!

The list will include all items that have ever been sold in the Boutique and will include a few items from the item suggestion round!

  • Only the top 25 items will be put on sale, so cast your vote carefully! Fashion items will be considered as one whole item for the set. If voting in an item that has quantity denominations (such as chance packs, refinement aids etc.) a vote will be considered as “one vote” for the item. If a Flyer is suggested and it comes from a specific flyer "token" ALL flyers from that item will be grouped together as one entry.
  • You can request unreleased cosmetic items! (mounts/pets/flyers that are not event exclusive items) Please note – you will not be able to request items that currently do not exist in the current version of the game.
  • Some items are unable to go on sale. See the Pick Your Items Thread for more details!
  • If an item has not made its way onto the Voting Poll, it means it was rejected.
  • Prices or duration of sale will not be decided by players-only what items will be put into the boutique.
  • Selected items will go on sale for one week from 09/20 to 09/27, so plan accordingly!


(click on the link above)


Make Your Voices Heard!


Casting a vote will unlock free goodies for every vote threshold we hit!

100 votes =  War Avatar Pack S

250 votes = 50 Event Gold

500 votes =  War Avatar Chest: A

1,000 votes =  War Avatar Pack S x3

2,000+ votes =  Dreamchaser Pack Ticket +  War Avatar Chest :A +  Ancient Gift x1


At the end of the voting cycle, we'll tally up the votes and disburse a code for everyone to redeem according to the tiers unlocked. These tiers compound - i.e. if we hit 500 votes everyone will receive x1 War Avatar Chest: A, x1 War Avatar Pack S and 50 Event Gold.


Thank you for playing PWI and get your favorite items out there!


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