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Weekly Boutique Update

By Gwaera
Wed 17 May 2017 10:00:00 AM PDT


Walk the red carpet for the 70th Annual Cannes Festival with some trendy looks and announce your presence to the world with some chat related items! Read on to find out more!



Special Cinima Sales


Starts: 5/17/2017 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

Ends: 5/24/2017 @ 1:00 AM Server Time



Artistic Youth (Male)


Tender Socialite (Female)


The following Chat items are on sale!


Teleacoustics – one for 5 Silver, ten for 45 Silver

Alliance Trumpet – one for 4 Gold, ten for 35 Gold

Perfect Cross-server Horn – 8 Gold

Perfect Horn – 4 Gold



Refinement Aids


Advanced Golden Egg

The Advanced Golden Egg makes a return to the Cash Shop! Pick up some Chienkun Stones or if you’re lucky, some higher level Dragon orbs with the Advanced Golden Egg! Get one for 1 Gold or ten for 8 Gold!

 Curious to see what else you can get? Full drop table below!


Chienkun Stone - 6

Dragon Orb (1 Star) - 6

Dragon Orb (2 Star) - 2

Dragon Orb (3 Star)

Dragon Orb (4 Star)

Dragon Orb (5 Star)

Dragon Orb (6 Star)



Also on sale are Dragon Orb Bags for 5 Gold. Dragon Orb 1 Stars 15 Silver or ten for 1 Gold 35 Silver.

Finally, Profaned Wood is on sale for 16 Gold each.



Regular Sales


Unless otherwise stated, the following sales will last for the duration listed below!


Starts: 5/17/2017 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

Ends: 5/31/2017 @ 1:00 AM Server Time



*NEW*  Resplendent Hearts


Colored Deer


Cold Comfort (Male)


Courtesan Set (Female)


Resplendent Hearts Flyer

Dragon Emperor Mogul

Night Owl Explorer


Auspicious Light

Steam Dream


Curious about what else you can get? Full droplist below!


Lucky Coin

Golden Coin

Perfect·Token of Best Luck

Ancient Emblem

Platinum Spirit Charm

Platinum Guardian Charm

Diamond of Dragon

Garnet Gem

Creation Stone

Diamond of Tiger

Citrine Gem

Sapphire Gem

Primeval Stone

Rapture Chest

Uncanny Chest

Warsoul: Jakari Pack

Warsoul: Vajra Pack

Warsoul: Manjusri Pack

Warsong Marshal Badge

Cube of Fate Stamp

☆☆☆Crown of Madness

☆☆Matchless Wings

Bookless Transcript

☆☆Sky Cover

☆☆Cloud Stir

Reawakening VI Finger Bead

Script of Fate

Scroll of Tome

Cold Comfort Pack

Courtesan Pack

Wishful Wing Token

Colored Deer Egg Ticket

Resplendent Hearts Flyer Exch.



Ark’s Parcel


Caravan Chimera


Brigadier Set (Male)


Cherry Blossom Set (Female)


Wind Riders Scepter

Spellbound Dragonfly

Brush of Gaia


Gossamer Wings

Deus Omega Wings


Curious about what else you can get? Full droplist below!


Perfect·Token of Luck - 15

Perfect·Token of Best Luck

Platinum Spirit Charm

Platinum Guardian Charm

Diamond of Tiger

Diamond of Dragon

Garnet Gem

Sapphire Gem

Citrine Gem

Stone of the Savant

Primeval Stone

Warsoul: Samantabhadra

Warsoul: Arkarsja

Warsoul: Jakari

Scroll of Tome

Script of Fate

Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade

Warsong Marshal Badge

Cube of Fate Stamp

☆☆Matchless Wings

☆☆Sky Cover

☆☆Cloud Stir

Stone of the Jungle

Warsong Waistband Inscription - 10

Chimera Scepter

Wind Riders Scepter

Brigadier Pack

Cherry Blossom Pack

Faction Signet Bag




Flyer Upgrades


Fuhsi Pearl 30 Silver

Featherswept Wings3 Gold or *NEW* ten for 27 Gold

Wings of Luminescence30 Silver or *NEW* fifty for 13 Gold 50 Silver



Cleaning Out the Closet


The following items have been moved to the Hot section under the Fashion tab and have their prices permanently reduced! The prices listed next to the sets are the total price for the set – be sure to check individual pieces if you are planning to buy them separately! Some sets have been moved with no price change, please note which sets have a reduction and which don’t.


Items moved to Hot


Vampire Set (Female) – 5 Gold



Last Chance Sales!


It’s going…going…gone!

**Last Chance Sales are for items that will never be sold again!



Silver Mane10 Gold

Violet Lightning10 Gold



Thank you for playing PWI and we’ll see you in game!


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