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Perfect World

PWI Neverfall : The Western Steppes Pt. 2

By enelimm | Wed 29 Mar 2017 11:00:00 AM PDT


Here are some key NPC’s you’ll be interacting with during your time in the Western Steppe!


Royal Knight Hector


As you progress through the storyline and quests within Neverfall, you will obtain Neverfall Squire Badges. These badges can be exchanged for some useful items that increase movement speed, special ring engravings, titles and more!



Bounty Hunter


Players who are Reawakened II and Mirage Sky I can take a new series of Bounty Hunter Quests.  These new Bounty Hunter quests will have increased rewards for you to earn! Earn Mysterious Chips, Sockets Stones, Ecstasy or Excitement Cards and if you’re particularly lucky, you can score a Ten Million Big Note! But be warned, you’ll need to tackle dungeons like Quicksand Maze, Dawlight Hall and more! Do you have what it takes?

You can still opt to take the regular Bounty Hunter Quests at other Bounty Hunters on the Perfect World map, but you can only take one type of Bounty Hunter quest a day.



Neverfall Daily Quests


New Daily Quests will also be available to you in Western Steppes which will grant you more EXP, Spirit and Vitae! These new dailies will advance the new historical phases Western Landscape, Dawnlight Shadow and Sacred Sepulcher.

Use new machines to remove pests, water plants and help the farmers with their tasks!

Once you complete the quests related to Magnier a new line of dailies will open up for you! Receive Yin Yang Twin Stones and exchange them for some powerful remedies at Veteran Roberts!



Veteran Roberts



New Cultivation

This new power…what are you going to call it?


To use the new skill upgrades and be able to Glyph them, you will need to embark on a brand new Cultivation quest!

Note : You will be able to Glyph Town Portal without needing to be a higher Cultivation level.

There are two levels – Chaotic Soul and then Celestial Saint. When ascending to these new cultivation levels, you will not lose any existing skills tied to your previous cultivation. This means you will keep your Sage or Demon skills you have already acquired!



Cultivation Switching

Still haven’t settled on what Sage or Demon skills you felt like keeping? Using a Supreme Celestial Schism or a Celestial Schism will not affect upgraded Skills that can be Glyphed if you have already done so! You can also learn new skills when you’ve become Chaotic Soul or Celestial Saint.

Next time, we’ll go over Glyphs and some of the new skill changes you can expect to see to expand your gameplay!



PWI : Neverfall is coming in April 2017! Will you be ready? Follow us on Facebook for more updates and check out our Official Forums to discuss these and all things PWI!




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