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Thursday Night Fights is Live!

By enelimm
Wed 07 Dec 2016 01:00:00 AM PST


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!


Thursday Night Fights


Go head to head against some of the toughest players on your server – will you emerge victorious?


How does it work?


Every Thursday night at 20:50 local server time, the Thursday Night Fights Agent will spawn at (532, 632) in Archosaur City.

Be sure to have at least one empty quest slot before you participate!



Once inside, talk to the Thursday Night Fights Registrar to sign up. Signing up will teleport you to the Hall of Iron.



Once a sufficient number of players has signed up, battles will start!

When a player is defeated, they are returned to the Hall of Iron. Once half the participants are defeated, the battle will end and the remaining players will advance to the next Hall rank up. The Halls are, from lowest to highest- Iron (starting), Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Approximately once per minute during each battle, the All-Seeing Eye will appear.



Touching it will give you a temporary buff that allows you to see all stealthed players! After several minutes an orb will spawn, and any remaining players will begin to receive a stacking debuff that increases the amount of damage they take and eventually kills them.



After all rounds are finished, Gold Hall players and higher can take a quest to enter the Champion Match for an extra reward.



The champion match has a chest to farm – the first player to open it will yield a Vanguard Emblem. The Vanguard Emblem can be turned into the Thursday Night Fight’s Merchant for one the following items :



Once the final battle has concluded, all players will receive rewards based on their final rank and will receive one tournament chest in their inventory corresponding to the Hall they ranked highest in. Talk to the Teleporter to leave the arena.

The tokens from the chest can be redeemed for prizes at the Thursday Night Fights Merchant (532, 632) in Archosaur.

Thank you for playing PWI and we’ll see you in game!


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