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Walking In a Winter Wonderland

By enelimm | Tue 29 Nov 2016 10:00:00 AM PST


The holiday season is upon Perfect World!


Snowmen and Snow in Major Cities

Start : 11/30/2016 (After Maintenance)
Ends : 2/1/2017 (After Maintenance)


We’re bringing back the snow and the snowmen! Starting 11/30/2016, Archosaur and other major starting cities will feature Living Snowmen inside and outside their walls. Kill Snowmen and not only will they give you some quips, you can get some Chi stones, Dice Tickets and more!


A Generous Gift

Start : 12/07/2016
Ends : 12/27/2016


A treasure for your thoughts? Visit the Generous Young Boy and, if you’re able to wait around long enough, you can receive Golden Treasures for free! Use a Perfect Iron Hammer to open your Golden Treasure.


Do the Penguin March!

Start : 12/07/2016
Ends : 1/25/2017


Return to the Frigid Bay for a holiday event!

Once in the bay, you can get the opening quest from the Penguin-mart Shopkeeper. He will have the quest, Emperor's Cruise for you to take, which once complete awards you 3 Christmas Event Tickets. You'll use these tickets to exchange for a penguin launcher. Give Toto your 3 tickets and he will award you with a penguin launcher! Your job is to push as many presents and toys into the gingerbread house as you can within 15 minutes! Follow the arrows on the ground for guides on where to push the presents towards.

Deliver more than 50 presents to receive a system message as well as the presents changing into penguin toys. Once a total of 200+ presents are delivered, the penguin toys will be replaced by snowmen toys. Reach 500+ delivers for the golden reward!


How Fast Are You?

Start : 12/13/2016
Ends : 12/29/2016


Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

  • Dawnglory 9:00 AM PST
  • Tideswell 3:00 PM PST
  • Etherblade 6:00 PM PST
  • Twilight Temple 6:00 PM PST


Think you’re the fastest soloer on the server? Compete against other players during the Quick As the Wind Event!

This event is on a 30 minute timer - find the Agent of Wind at one of three locations: Etherblade (438, 886), City of the Plume (334, 428), or City of the Lost (254, 641).

Once the boss is killed, you'll be awarded two items: a Sealed Wraith Essence and a token of the slain boss. Only the first 99 players to turn in the essences will receive a reward! There will be system messages that go off when 9, 29, 49, 69, and 89 essences have been turned in.

The event ends when either 99 players have turned in Sealed Wraith Essences or the full 30 minutes have elapsed since the Agent of Wind appeared.


We hope you enjoy all the winter in game events we have in store for you and have the happiest holidays!


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