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PWI - Earn Awesome Rewards by Spending Zen [8/30 - 9/2]

By Synchroze | Fri 30 Aug 2013 02:15:10 PM PDT

We've got a special limited time spending promotion! Click to see how you can get the Dark Machinated Terror!

Promo Start Date:  August 30, 2013 14:00 PDT

Promo End Date:  September 02, 2013 14:00 PDT


For every 5 Gold your characters SPEND  in the PWI Boutique , we'll send you (1) Warrior Crusade Order! That's right! We're sending you a Warrior Crusade Order for every 5 Gold your character spends in the PWI Boutique!!! Once opened the Order will turn into the following:


Warrior Crusade Bundle


Note: The last character to spends a total of 5 Gold will be the one that receives the Warrior Crusade Order. Limit: 5 per character, 40 per account.


The Warrior Crusade Bundle contains all of the following items:


Warrior Crusade Pack x 10

Darkness/Tribal Ticket (Timed)



Murid Housekeeper Egg






If you SPEND 50 Gold on ANYTHING  in the PWI Boutique, we'll send you the Dark Machinated Terror!!!



The total is calculated from the amount spent on ALL characters on a single server. Please make sure that the character you want the mount on is the one that makes the purchase that breaks the 50 Gold  threshold! This offer is limited to 8 per account.


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