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PWI - The Boutique for Beginners

By Synchroze | Wed 02 Oct 2013 12:00:47 AM PDT



The Crimson Imperium content update has seen an influx of new players who are curious to know about the PWI Boutique. For this reason, we wanted to write up an article specifically for these new players, giving them some insight into which of the many available items might prove useful to them at this early stage of their development.


On sale starting this week:

  • Identity Stone (New Item)
  • Aqueous Scroll (50% Off)
  • Telecoustic (50% Off)
  • Phoenix Feather (40% Off)
  • Source of Force (40% Off)
  • Lucky Snake - Green (50% Off)
  • Lucky Snake - Pink (50% Off)
  • Various Vendor Shops (50% Off)

Still on sale:


The Boutique for Beginners


  Identity Stone [NEW ITEM]

This object allows you to change the name you were born with. Bring this item to the Keeper of Names (532,654) in Archosaur to change your character name.


  Makeover Scroll

This object allows you to completely change your appearance, just like you did back when you first created your character. Simply head over to the Cosmetic Master in any major city. 


  Teleacoustic [ON SALE]

Have you ever wanted to be able to speak to an entire server instantly? The Teleacoustic lets you send out one short message to every player online at the same time, which is incredibly useful for finding groups and selling items, among other things. 


  Guardian Charm

This handy little item basically acts as an automatic healing potion with a finite reservoir. If you are damaged past 50% of your HP, this item will instantly boost you back up to 100%, but only for as long as there is still HP in its reservoir. A tank with a Guardian Charm is far easier to keep alive than one without, so your healer will certainly appreciate it, as will the rest of your group. The fancier versions of the Guardian Charm have larger reservoirs. Also, keep in mind that the effect does have a ten second cooldown, so try not to get hurt too quickly.  


  Spirit Charm

This has a similar function to the Guardian Charm, except this one actually works with your Mana. With it, your healing/damaging capabilities will become far greater. Once your mana pool falls below 75%, this item will instantly boost it back up to 100% until its reservoir is empty. The Spirit Charm's cooldown is actually a bit shorter than the Guardian Charm's, clocking in at a fairly quick five seconds.  


  Reset Note

Distributing your stat points a certain way can be the difference between an effective character and an ineffective one, and some classes can even stat themselves differently to allow for different play-styles. To gain maximum flexibility for your character, Reset Notes are a no-brainer.  


  Hyper EXP Stone

This item is the bread and butter of any player who wants to level up quickly. Simply head over to a zone full of monsters, choose a exp rate from 2x to 12x, and start cracking some heads! 


  Inventory Extension Stone

From the very beginning of your adventures, you'll be picking up lots of different items - stuff you want to use, stuff you want to keep for later, and stuff you want to off-load at the closest vendor NPC. Extending your inventory allows you to carry much more stuff, which makes it arguably the most practical thing you can purchase in the entire Boutique! Use at the Banker in any major city. 


  Geographic Map

This item will open up every single teleportation point on the map, whether you've been there or not. Gives you incredible freedom instantly. 


  Teleport Stone

Allows you to teleport to any teleportation points that you've unlocked so far without having to deal with a Teleport Master. 


  Flying Mount

Tired of having to run around mountains, mobs, walls, and everything else? A flying mount will allow you you fly far above any of these obstacles, meaning that you'll travel safely wherever you're headed. Just dont fly yourself into a pack of dragons. Bear in mind that all flying mounts have a minimum level to use, from 20-60. 


  Ground Mount

These are generally faster than flying mounts, but expose you to more danger. These also have a minimum level requirement, from 20-60. 



Fashion is a great way to stand out from the crowd and to be able to further customize your look. It can be worn simultaneously with armor, and you lose absolutely no defensive benefits for doing so. You can also alternate which outfit your character is displaying by switching from "Normal" to "Fashion" and vice versa. Fashion can also be dyed with pigments. 


  Token Pack

Some of the most popular items in all Perfect World are the various Token Packs that can be found in the Boutique. Some examples of Token Packs are the Year of the Tiger Pack, Lucky Coral, and Easy Rider Pack. All of these packs have various prizes that can come from them, including extremely rare mounts, Charms, and Tokens of Best Luck (two of these can be exchanged for 10,000,000 coins!). The best thing about them, though, is that even the lowest level prize is 15x Tokens of Luck, which can be sold to other players or traded in at the PW Boutique Agent for very useful things like Hyper EXP Stones and Guardian Scrolls.


  Guardian Scroll

This item, when carried in your inventory, will prevent you from suffering the more bothersome consequences of death, such as EXP loss and item loss. Carry one of them around always for piece of mind and a spring in your step.  


  Starter Kit

A kit created specifically for beginners. This item, once right-clicked, will give you a Super Inventory Stone (Inventory to the MAX), ground mount, Geographic Map, 5 Teleport Stones, a guardian and spirit charm, 10 Teleacoustics, and 5 Training Esotericas (boost your EXP gain temporarily)! All in all, a heck of a deal. 


We hope this little run-down was helpful for you, and if you have any other questions about items, do not hesitate to try your forums, which is where the PWI veterans lurk all day and night.


  • The Joy Scroll and Aqueous Scroll will be removed from the PW Boutique on 10/30/2013 @ 1:00am server time.
  • To view/purchase items from the PWI Boutique, press the "o" (oh key)!

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