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New Horizons in sight for Perfect World

By dreamdefender | Wed 20 Nov 2013 10:00:06 AM PST


A new age is dawning in Perfect World. New lands, adventures, and experiences await those ready for the challenge. This expansion breaks the boundaries of expectations for a free to play game, and will greatly enhance the gaming experience for all level ranges of characters. Read on for a glimpse of just some what to expect in the next expansion, New Horizons.




Ascension System

Reach new heights of power by taking your most favored Lv100 or higher character through the ascension process. When you do so, you'll be allowed to keep some of your stats in the transition, allowing your new self to be imbued with more power than any Lv1 has ever dreamed possible! The higher the level prior to ascension, the greater the stat amount that can carry over.


There are also certain... "heights" that only an ascended character can reach, but you'll still need to be of a certain spiritual cultivation before you can ascend at all. If you haven't been cultivating your spirit lately, now is the time in preparation to reaching new horizons!


Card Collection System

Fame and glory abound in being the master of the cards! Perfect World will now have an in-game card collection system that showcases concept art from Perfect World Entertainment games. Slay bosses around the world to collect cards and devour others to power up your favorite ones. Expect more information on this new system in the near future.


New Zones

New characters will find a fresh starting zone to adventure in that has been optimized and streamlined with the modern times. In addition to this, there are several new maps in which battles will rage which may have an... interesting impact for all. These zones are quite large, and will have many compelling reasons for players to visit more than once. Of course, we can't let out all the secrets just yet, so expect more information soon!


Those are just some of the new features coming in the next expansion. Here's a little snippet of the rest you can expect:

- More optimized quest flows
- Ease of life UI modifications
- New damage modifier stat
- New skills, events, titles, quests, gear, and more!


This next expansion will be breaking the norm in expectations. Expect to see more information on all the new systems in the coming weeks. 


Prepare for an age of unlimited potential in Perfect World International: New Horizons.



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