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Glorious Orb Sale

By Synchroze
Wed 27 Nov 2013 01:00:36 AM PST


Ready for the feast of the week? We've got the brand new pack, Glorious Mirth, on sale this week along with a large amount of refinement items such as orbs and stones. Pick up the pack you need to refine that gear to the shiniest it can be! Check out the items below for details. 


Sale Start Date: Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Sale End Date: Wednesday, December 4th, 2013


These hot items below are the ones we'd like to shine a little extra light on. They are all very valuable, powerful, and will give you the most of what you need from this glorious sale!    


 Glorious Mirth

This brand new pack is a first for us, as it contains the chance for one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game, a Medal of Glory. Of course, it also holds a large amount of items in addition to the Medal of Glory, so you'll always end up a winner. Here are a list of the potential flyers you can receive from opening it:      






Ancient Gazer

Ancient Glazer2

Drifting Martyr

 Drifting Martyr2

Fallen Roc

Fallen Roc2

Silk Perfume

Silk Perfume2


To see the full list of items available from the Glorious Mirth pack, look below:

 Perfect·Token of Luck

 Perfect·Token of Best Luck

 Platinum Guardian Charm

 Platinum Spirit Charm

 Diamond of Tiger

 Diamond of Dragon

 ☆Wings of Cloudcharger

 Scroll of Tome 

 Rapture Chest

 Uncanny Chest

 Championship Scroll

 Cube of Fate Stamp

 Stone of the Savant

 Primeval Stone

 Frost Feather

 Masquerade Hat

 Masquerade Mask

 Graceful Antelope

 X'mas Carnival Ticket

 Sapphire Fashion Memento

 Swift Talisman

 Cloud Rider Badge

 Drakeflame Stone

 Stone of Gaea

 Icebourne Stone

 Medal of Glory

 ☆☆Matchless Wings 

 ☆☆Sky Cover

 ☆☆Cloud Stir

 Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament

 Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon

 Script of Fate



 Medal of Glory

Also on sale this week is the Medal of Glory! Whether you get it from the pack or buy it straight out right, this is the item to have. The medal of glory is an item required to obtain the strongest gear in the game! Normally, it is only available in the PW Boutique, or from winning a Territory War, but now it's also in the Glorious Mirth pack. With one more way to obtain this ultra valuable item, perhaps now is right time to play with lady luck...      


  Dragon Orb Ocean  

Dragon Orb Ocean is a powerful item that only the most hardcore and players and merchants need consider-- This limited-time, ultra rare orb has a 100% chance to successfully increase an item's refinement level by 1, with the maximum refinement level at +10! This means that it can be used once before being consumed, and can refine an item from +2 to +3, from +7 to +8, or from +9 to +10 (remember, it can only be used for one of these)!      


 1-Star Dragon Orb   What do you do when you finally obtain that piece of gear that you've been pining for? Why, you upgrade it of course! And we've got you covered with this week's sale: 50% off 1-star Dragon Orbs ! 
1-Star Dragon Orbs, when used along with Mirage Celestones, will guarantee a successful refine from 0 to +1, and they can also be combined with each other to create even more powerful Dragon Orbs!    


Of course, we have more than 1-Star Dragon Orbs on sale, but you cannot forget the importance of those little beauties too! 


Full Sales List

Dragon Orb 1 Star x1, x10 - (50% off) 
Dragon Orb 2 Star x1, x10 - (50% off)
Dragon Orb 3 Star x1, x10 - (50% off)
Dragon Orb 4 Star x1, x10 - (50% off)
Dragon Orb 5 Star x1. x10 - (50% off) 

Tienkang Stone x1, x10 - (50% off)
Tisha Stone x1, x10 - (50% off)
Chienkun Stone x1, x10 - (50% off)

Medal of Glory x1, x5 - (50% off)
Wraith Officer's Badge x10, x50 - (50% off)
Mirage Celestone Pack x1, x10, x20 - (50% off)
Mysterious Chip Pack x50 - (52% off)
Mysterious Chip Pack x100 - (54% off)
Glorious Mirth x1, x10, x20, x50 ,x100 (NEW)- ends 12/11]

All of these sales will start Wednesday November 26th until Wednesday December 4th PST.  

The exception to this is the Glorious Mirth pack, which will be on sale and in the boutique until Wednesday December 11th.      


All of us here at PWE hope you have a great holiday week/end!  

Eat well, sleep well, play well.


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