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Treats for the Holidays: Emperor Packs & Fashion!

By DreamDefender | Wed 04 Dec 2013 01:00:07 AM PST

  The holidays are upon us so treat yourself with these festive items to get you in the holiday spirit! This week we'll get you bundled up in fantastic holiday fashion sets and warm you with Emperor packs!  

Sale Start Date: Wednesday, December 4
, 2013 @ 1:00 AM Server Time  

All items on sale this week are 50% off!

  • Emperor's Pack
  • Holiday Fashion Set
  • Yule Fashion Set
  • Classic Yule Fashion Set
  • Christmas Fashion Set
  • New Years Suit

And on to the Fashions!


Holiday Set


Yule Set and Classic Yule Set

  Note: The Classic Yule Fashion sets share the same cut and pattern as the Yule Fashion Sets, but the Classic Yule sets only come in red and can't be dyed, while the Yule sets come random and can be dyed!  

Christmas Set


New Year's Suit (Male)


New Year's Suit (Female)

  And now, the Emperor's Pack!  

  Emperor's Pack  

Similarly to many of our other packs, such as the Tiger Pack and Dragon's Luck Pack, the Emperor's Pack brings the opportunity to win great prizes including gems, charms, and rare mounts!   Even the lowest prize, Perfect Tokens of Luck, can be redeemed at the PW Boutique Agent for tons of useful items such as Gems, Wines, Hyper EXP Stones, and Guardian Scrolls! And if great luck does happen to be on your side while opening the pack, you could end up with a rare item that can be sold for millions of coins!   As for the new rare mounts, this pack gives you the chance of getting:  

Inferno Panther


Feather's Misfortune




Jade of Eight Divines


Neon Crane


Ocean Heart

And check out these gorgeous new fashion sets!  

  The smooth and stylish Cold Comfort fashion set for the guys, and the delightful and elegant Courtesan fashion set for the ladies!

Full List of Possible Prizes

  • Perfect·Token of Luck
  • Perfect·Token of Best Luck
  • Platinum Spirit Charm
  • Platinum Guardian Charm
  • Diamond of Tiger
  • Diamond of Dragon
  • Garnet Gem
  • Sapphire Gem
  • Citrine Gem
  • Stone of the Savant
  • Primeval Stone
  • Warsoul: Samantabhadra
  • Warsoul: Manjusri
  • Warsoul: Arkarsja
  • Warsoul: Jakari
  • Warsoul: Avalokites
  • Scroll of Tome
  • Script of Fate
  • Lunar Glade Insignia`Ornament
  • Wing Trophy`Lunarglade
  • Warsong Marshal Badge
  • Cube of Fate Stamp
  • Matchless Wings
  • Sky Cover
  • Cloud Stir
  • Stone of the Jungle
  • Warsong Waistband Inscription
  • Mount Ticket
  • Aerogear Ticket
  • New Fashion Pack (Male)
  • New Fashion Pack (Female)
  • Quest Slot Expansion
  • Rally Order Pack

  *The Emperor Pack  will be on sale from 12/04/2013 @ 1:00am server time until 12/18/2013 @ 1:00am server time, at which point they will be removed from the PW Boutique.   *The holiday fashion sets will be on sale from 12/04/2013 @ 1:00am server time until 01/08/2014 @ 1:00am server time, at which point they will be removed from the PW Boutique.   To view/purchase items from the PWI Boutique, press the "o" (for "old faithful!") key!


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