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Prime World

Prime World: New Nurse Skin

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Thu 30 Apr 2015 02:38:24 PM PDT

Simply healing is boring; it should be done with passion! That was the slogan of a sophomore student of the Dokht Healer Academy. It's unclear how she managed to not drop out from this prestigious institution. Her rebellious appearance and scattered lifestyle were offset by outstanding healing abilities. The student’s methods, however, were often quite… unconventional.

One day the Quarrier visited the Academy, complaining of strong back pain. The student proposed a radical solution – inject several units of Prime directly into the patient’s back. As she approached the Quarrier with a syringe, he became frightened and accidentally pushed her to the ground. The syringe in the student’s hands shattered, covering her in concentrated Prime.

Despite the hopes of some of the faculty’s staff, they were not rid of the rebellious healer. Upon rebirth as a hero, her methods more devious and the syringe became a formidable weapon. The nurse knows how everyone is afraid of big needles!

Name: Nurse
Base Hero: Healer / Priestess
Price: 69 gold


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