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Meet the Legends of Neverwinter!

By Nitocris | Mon 22 Aug 2022 07:00:00 AM PDT

Pull up a chair, take a respite from battle, and learn more about these Legends of Neverwinter…


Elminster Aumar









Ask a dozen citizens of Faerûn to describe their encounters with Elminster Aumar, and twelve different accounts will be given. Some would color him an eccentric old trickster who spins whimsical tales upon the breeze, while others would paint him a kindly protector who would stand in harm's way for a stranger. It is no wonder he once served as one of Mystra's chosen, for the Sage of Shadowdale is as much an enigma as he is a legend




Linu La'neral




Hailing from the city of Evereska in the Western Heartlands, Linu La'neral is a beloved cleric of Sehanine Moonbow whose earnest dedication to her people is only rivaled by her heroic clumsiness. She's brilliant in a fight, but she has been known to cause all sorts of accidents off the battlefield. Regardless of this fact, she will stop at nothing to protect the good people of Faerun – even if it means a confrontation with the goddess of dragons Tiamat herself.

Jarlaxle Baenre






Jarlaxle Baenre is no stranger to political intrigue, and political intrigue is no stranger to Jarlaxle Baenre. Information is currency after all, and there is money to be made. He has an eye for opportunity and a seemingly endless array of magical weaponry at his disposal. These traits come in handy as his mercenary company, Bregan D'aerthe, depends on him to navigate the highs and lows of Menzoberranzan's society.



Lich Makos





The people of Protector's Enclave still tell stories of Makos, the heroic tiefling warlock who fought valiantly alongside Sergeant Knox and Celeste during the Siege of Neverwinter. When he was slain at the hands of the frost giant Drufi, an attempt to resurrect him curiously failed to return his soul to his body. Little did his allies know, their friend had become a lich to avoid infernal entanglements. Though he is still known to lend aid when possible, his true motivations remain a mystery.


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