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PAX West 2018 - Neverwinter Photo Album

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 06 Sep 2018 04:07:18 PM PDT

PAX West 2018 was a great opportunity to engage with Neverwinter and Acquisitions Fans alike! For those that couldn't join us or those who want to reminisce on a great PAX, we've put together some of our favorite images from the event:


(De)motivating Demo Stations celebrating the announcement of Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire featuring Acquisitions Incorporated


(L) Amy Falcone (Walnut Dankgrass), Kate Welch (WotC), and Elyssa Grant (Penny Arcade) trying out the Intern Orientation demo
(R) Mike Krahulik checking out the content written and voiced by him and Jerry Holkins


(L) MC Celeste during a Skirmish and (R) attendees demoing the Intern Orientation



Attendees demoing new content coming in Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire



Devs and Attendees playing the new upcoming bank heist skirmish


Collaborative Storytelling panel! (check out the video here)



Acquistions Inc featuring Neverwinter Demotivational Posters and Chris Perkins' entrance as Jarlaxle


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