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Class Balance: Guardian Fighter Changes

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 21 Sep 2016 08:00:00 AM PDT

  • Aggravating Strike: Range increased to 12', up from 11'.
  • Anvil of Doom
    • Increased the delay between when you activate the power and when you can swing again by 0.3s. The amount of time between when you activate the power and when you can move is unchanged.
    • No longer deals double damage to targets below 40% health. Instead, deals full damage again over 5 seconds to targets below 50% health.
    • Range increased to 12', up from 11'.
    • Recharge time reduced to 15s, down from 16s.
    • Should have an easier time hitting targets at steep angles.
  • Bull Charge: This power was unintentionally receiving 20% more damage per rank up, instead of the stated 10% per rank up. This has been corrected, however, the base damage of the power has also been increased ~10%. Net change at Rank 4 is a damage reduction of ~10%.
  • Cleave: Cone radius increased to 200°, up from 180°.
  • Cleave: Now generates 5% of your Stamina per swing, as long as you are hitting at least 1 target.
  • Combat Superiority: No longer grants 10% bonus damage to the target. Instead, now grants 5% bonus damage to the target and the target will deal 5% less damage to you. Ranking up this power will now increase both of these effects by 1% for every rank.
  • Combat Superiority: No longer lasts 5s for each Rank of the power. Instead, lasts 8s at all ranks. Additionally, Rank 5 of the Conqueror Feat Tactical Superiority will no longer cause this effect to be "always on."
  • Commander's Strike
    • Increased the damage at Rank 1, and decreased the damage bonus gained for Rank Ups to 10%, down from 15%. Net effect is ~10% more damage at Rank 1, and a very slight damage increase at Rank 4.
    • Now generates Action Points at roughly the same rate as other Encounter powers, instead of generating no Action Points.
    • Now has an activation time of 0.8s, instead of having no activation time.
    • Range reduced to 12', down from 13'.
    • Recharge time increased to 12s, up from 10s.
    • Reworked the buff this power provides. First, instead of triggering the one-shot bonus damage from any damage dealing power, it now only triggers from Encounter powers, insuring a decent amount of damage is dealt. Second, instead of only working against the specific target that was hit by Commander's Strike, it now triggers when hitting any Marked target. This should make it easier for your allies to find an appropriate target to get the benefit. The buff duration is no longer increased by ranking this power up.
    • This power is now properly affected by damage buffs, debuffs, and damage resistances.
  • Crescendo: Increased the damage of the first for hits by 25%. This has increased the overall damage of this power by ~10%.
  • Crushing Surge: Range increased to 12', up from 11'.
  • Desperate Survival: Increased the HP threshold at Rank 1 to 35%, up from 30%. This means at Rank 4, the threshold is now 50%, up from 45%.
  • Desperate Survival: Now grants 3% Deflect chance at Rank 1, up from 1%. Fixed the tooltip to not say 1/2/3%. This means the amount of Deflect granted at Rank 4 is now 6%, up from 4%.
  • Enduring Warrior: In addition to its existing effects, now also increases the amount of healing you receive.
  • Enforced Threat
    • Damage increased ~50%.
    • Recharge time reduced to 14s, down from 15s.
    • Target cap reduced to 10, down from 20.
    • Updated the rank up information to show that this power gains an additional 10% damage per rank. This is the existing behavior, and this is just a display change.
  • Feats
    • Balanced Shield Fighter: Now properly states "Aggravating Strike" instead of "Stab."
    • Brawling Warrior: Now works with Rank 4 Knight's Valor.
    • Grit: Now properly triggered by Crushing Surge and Fighter's Recovery.
    • Improved Reaction feat: No longer shared with the Great Weapon Fighter. Replaced with a new Feat, Iron Focus. Has the same effect on Ferocious Reaction as Improved Reaction did, but also grants Frontline Surge a chance (100% at max rank) to Taunt and Mark affected targets. The Great Weapon Fighter Feat Improved Reaction is unchanged.
    • Jagged Blades feat: Now actually deals the amount of damage it states. Previously, this power did about 2/3 of the stated damage. In addition, it deals this damage over 10s, instead of over 15s.
    • Powerful Strike feat: In addition to its current effect, now also causes Line Breaker Assault to lower its recharge time for every target hit.
    • Shield Slam: Range increased to 12', up from 11'.
    • Staying Power feat: This debuff should now last the same length as the base debuff provided by Weapon Master's Strike.
    • Staying Power: Improved tooltip wording.
    • Tactical Superiority feat: No longer causes Combat Superiority to be "always on" at Rank 5 of this Feat. Instead, now grants a 1% damage bonus per rank at all times.
    • Wrathful Warrior: Reworked implementation to be much more reliable.
  • Ferocious Reaction: Base cooldown reduced to 3 minutes, and rank ups now only reduce the cooldown by 30s. This means the cooldown at rank 4 has been decreased to 90s, down from 120s.
  • Ferocious Reaction: Updated the tooltip to clarify that the damage resistance buff lasts 10s, not 5s as previously stated.
  • Flourish
    • Damage increased ~12%.
    • Now requires a target to activate, so you will be less likely to miss.
    • Range increased to 18', up from 17'.
    • Recharge time reduced to 13s, down from 14s.
  • Frontline Surge
    • Damage increased ~34%.
    • Increased the delay between when you activate the power and when you can swing again by 0.2s. The amount of time between when you activate the power and when you can move is unchanged, and now matches the swing delay.
    • Is now properly considered Area of Effect damage.
    • Now affected by the newly renamed Protector Feat, Iron Focus (previously Improved Reaction). This Feat now grants a chance (100% at max rank) to Taunt and Mark affected targets.
    • Recharge time reduced to 14s, down from 19s.
  • Griffon's Wrath
    • No longer gains bonus charges when ranking up. Instead, starts with 3 charges at Rank 1, and gains damage on rank up.
    •  Now refills a charge every 12s, down from every 15s.
    • Now requires a target to activate, so you will be less likely to miss.
    • Range increased to 12', up from 11'.
  • Indomitable Strength
    • Damage increased ~8%.
    • Increased the damage debuff to 20%, up from 10%.
    • Range increased to 15', up from 11'.
  • Into the Fray
    • No longer increases damage by a percentage of your damage resistance. Now grants a flat +15% damage bonus, + 5% more per rank.
    • Now also increases the amount of Temp HP conversion with each rank up.
    • Into the Fray: No longer locks you in place during activation.
  • Knight's Challenge: Now only increases your damage against other player by 50%, instead of 100%. Unchanged against critters.
  • Kneebreaker
    • Now deals an additional burst of damage on the first hit. This has increased the total damage dealt by this power by ~17% at Rank 4.
    • Now deals damage every 1s, instead of every 0.5s, but the damage per tick has been doubled. This change has no effect on the total damage dealt, just the number of combat floaters on the screen.
    • Now requires a target to activate, so you will be less likely to miss.
    • Range increased to 12', up from 11'.
  • Line Breaker Assault
    • This power has had a large overhaul in functionality. Instead of dealing damage in an area around the end of your movement, you now deal damage to the targets you move through. It gains additional benefit from the Tactician Feat Powerful Strike.
    • Activation time has been reduced to 0.7s, down from 1s.No longer gains bonus damage based on the number of targets hit, and now gains 10% bonus damage per rank instead of 20%. However, the base damage has been increased greatly, such that damage at Rank 4 has been increased by ~43%.
    • No longer generates additional AP when hitting multiple targets.
    • No longer generates damage resistance based on the number of targets hit. Instead, always grants 10% DR. Additionally, this buff no longer increases in duration as the power is ranked up.
    • Now Dazes targets for 2s.
    • Now has a range of 30', up from 25'.
    • Now has a target cap of 5, down from 10.
  • Lunging Strike
    • Acquiring Rank 4 of this power will now properly increase its range by 5'.
    • Damage to secondary targets increased to 2/3, up from 1/3.
    • No longer generates additional AP when hitting multiple targets.
    • Recharge time increased to 12s, up from 8s.
    • Using this power near the maximum range of the lunge will now bring you closer to the target, and should not leave you out of range of your other powers (unless your target is moving away from you fast enough to get back out of range).
  • Steel Blitz: No longer secretly gets an increased chance to proc based on the number of targets hit. Now has a base chance of 25% to proc. FX reworked slightly to account for these changes.
  • Steel Blitz: Now deals 60% of weapon damage, instead of the "at least 50%" formula it was using before, and gains +5% Weapon Damage with every rank, instead of increasing the overall damage by 12%. Net result is slightly more damage unless you have a weapon that is lower level than you are.
  • Steel Defense: Reduced immunity duration to 2s +0.5s per rank up (3.5s max), down from 3s +1s per rank up (6s max).
  • Steel Grace: Power has been reworked, and is no longer shared with the Great Weapon Fighter. Now increases your Run Speed, Deflection Chance, and Crit Chance.
  • Supremacy of Steel: No longer lists a cooldown in the tooltip.
  • Supremacy of Steel: Now also increases your Deflection Chance by 10% while active.
  • Terrifying Impact
    • No longer causes a cast bar to appear for part of the activation.
    • Reduced total activation time to 1.2s, down from 1.65s.
    • Updated the tooltip to show that this power actually has a 5' cylinder, not a 4.5' cylinder.
  • Threatening Rush: Activation time reduced to 0.8s, down from 1s.
  • Threatening Rush: Damage increased ~18%.
  • Tide of Iron: Damage increased ~28%.
  • Tide of Iron: Range increased to 12', up from 11'.
  • Tide of Iron: The Damage Resistance debuff now only applies for the caster, instead of the entire party.
  • Villain's Menace: Activation time reduced from 1.8s down to 1.6s, and it can now combo into other powers 0.4s early. This means if you cast Villain's Menace and immediately start activating other powers, you will be able to start them as early as 1.2s after activation.
  • Villain's Menace: Buff duration reduced to 7s + 1s per rank up, down from 8s + 2s per rank up.
  • Weapon Master's Strike
    • Reduced the activation time to 1s, down from 1.2s, and made it possible for this power to chain back to back more quickly. These changes have increased the DPS of this power by ~20%.
    • Reworked the timing of the second hits damage to be more in sync with the animation & FX.
    • Roughly doubled the base damage this power deals, but halved the damage dealt to secondary targets. Net result is that this power deals roughly the same damage to secondary targets, but double damage to the primary target.
    • The second strike of this power is now properly affected by the damage debuff applied by this power.


For our thoughts on balancing the Guardian Fighter, head to our original blog here.

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