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Developer Blog: Sword Coast Chronicled

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Mon 06 Jun 2016 10:15:00 AM PDT

Welcome Adventurers,

Today we are going to take a quick look at the new Sword Coast Chronicle coming to The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances.

The Chronicle reworks the old campaign interface to present your hero’s path through Neverwinter as a record of the many great feats your hero has performed (or will perform in the future). The new interface arranges campaigns and deeds (more on those in a moment) in ascending order of difficulty. If you are ever unsure where to head next in the game, simply open the Chronicle. This is especially important for the campaigns available at level 70. The end game campaigns increase in difficulty and assume you have earned some of the better gear from the preceding campaigns.

Deeds are a new addition to the campaign window. They represent important milestones in your hero’s career that are not tracked by a campaign. They include things like recovering the Crown of Neverwinter, defeating the drow in Rothé Valley, or having a personal audience with Lord Neverember upon achieving level 70. Completed deeds can be claimed for rewards. Each one also grants a few Symbols of Savras. Existing characters receive credit for any deeds they have already completed, so if you have a higher level character you should check the Chronicle. You may have a number of rewards to claim. You open any deed to see the requirements needed to complete it.

(A screenshot of the UI)

The main point of contact for the Sword Coast Chronicle is Sybella Artis. She is a seer and a follower of Savras, the All-Seeing. Lord Neverember has granted her permission to use the library beneath the Temple of Tyr while she searches for the Staff of Savras, a powerful artifact in which her god was once imprisoned.

Your hero is an important part of that search. New characters meet Sybella while chasing Honor through the vaults during the Theft of the Crown quest. Existing characters can get an introduction to Sybella from Sergeant Knox. The seer needs your help in recovering clues to the whereabouts of the Staff of Savras and has a short quest chain that leads into a new campaign called The Benign Order of the Third Eye. This campaign serves as an introduction to campaign content for new players and is designed to be played alongside normal leveling content. It begins in the Tower District at level 10 and concludes around level 18 in the Blackdagger Ruins.

The end of the campaign doesn’t mean the end of your work with Sybella, however. She needs your help to increase the power of her Third Eye. Your hero has a powerful destiny and she has charted it out to the best of her ability. When you return and tell her which of the events she foretold have actually come to pass (claiming deeds), she uses that knowledge to hone her second sight. In return, you can exchange the Symbols of Savras you earned for rewards like companions, mounts, and artifacts.

Time to get out there and do some heroic deeds!

John Hopler

Senior Game Designer

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