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Player's Handbook - Devoted Cleric

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Wed 25 May 2016 06:03:57 PM PDT

Class Mechanic - Channel Divinity

Activating your Class Mechanic allows you to channel divine power, replacing your normal At-Wills with divine powers of damage and healing.

While Channel Divinity is active, your Encounter powers are strengthened by Divinity and gain enhanced effects. Encounters used in this way require one Divine Symbol worth of Divine Power and grant a stack of Empowered. Make sure to read each of your Encounter powers' Divinity and Empowered effects to prepare for each battle.

In short, Channel Divinity allows you to have three versions of each Encounter power: normal, Divinity and Empowered. Understanding the effects of all three for each of your powers is vital to your role as a Devoted Cleric.

Paragon Paths

At level 30, all adventurers must choose which of the two paths they will follow to continue their adventures. Each path represents a different way of playing the chosen class, so choose wisely.

Community Tips:

Note: Community tips are just helpful suggestions from your fellow adventurers. They are in no way set in stone or should be seen as required.


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