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The Giants' Lockbox Stomps In!

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 09 Nov 2016 10:35:00 AM PST

As the conflict in the North continues, many of the frost giants’ supplies have trickled down south by the hands of adventurers and refugees alike. While these boxes carry many goods, the most searched-for possessions are the artifacts and dangerous beasts the frost giants have collected. 

The top-end rewards in the Giants’ Lockbox is the Legendary Artifact - Eye of the Giant and the Epic Companion – The Bound Manticore!


Legendary Artifact

Eye of the Giant

While the giants have in their possession many artifacts of old, the most searched-for artifact is the Eye of the Giant, an artifact with the powers that make you stronger and better; a gigantic force to those that stand in your way!


+1000 Maximum Hit Points

+500 Power

+250 Critical Strike

+250 Armor Penetration

+250 Defense



A gigantic rage surges through you!  Its raw strength empowers and changes you.  For 12 seconds, your Power and Damage Resistance increases 5%, and your size and speed increases 25%. 

In battle, for each additional enemy that you have in combat, these benefits increase an additional 1% Power, 2% Damage Resistance and 10% size, up to a total of 5 enemies. 

If you face 5 enemies or more, the Eye summons an icy storm, damaging all enemies that stand in its blast every few seconds and Slows them by 20% for a total of 12s seconds.


Epic Companion

Bound Manticore

You might have seen a few manticores in your days of travel, but you haven’t quite seen one like this.  Smaller than the average manticore, this ball of terror is just as vicious and mean as his bigger kin.  While he might be a very helpful, if not dangerous companion, you should keep an eye on him. Every manticore's favorite prey are humanoids, which means you!

Fierce Swipe: Manticore swipes at the enemy, causing damage with a chance to knock down the enemy.

Tail Spin:  Manticore does a back flip, throwing tail spines at enemies in front of him, doing damage with a lingering poison and a chance of knockback.

Favored Prey:  The manticore does extra damage against humanoids.

Active Companion Bonus: Percent chance to knock down your target when you critical strike.


But what other goods do the giants have?  While these are the most prized artifact and beast, there are others to find!

Mystic Mount Pack:   

The Crag Cat has been used as vicious guards and, surprisingly, pack animals for the giants.  To the people of the south, the Crag Cat hasn’t been seen as a mount until now! 

With the giants dabbling with old artifacts and magics, it seems they have gotten ahold of some magical mounts as well.  You may find an untamed Howler Mount, or even rarer, a Mystic Nightmare Mount!


Frozen Companion Pack: 

It seems that some of the galeb duhrs were able to escape North, but were then captured by the frost giants.  Liberate one of these Frozen Galeb Duhrs and they will fight beside you as a great companion!


Ice-Packed Artifact Pack: 

There are artifacts that have been lost to time, horded away by the giants.  You may find older artifacts like Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting, Shard of Valindra’s Crown, or even Token of Chromatic Storm in this pack!


Crystalized Enchantment Pack:

As with the Runic Lockbox, we have been addressing some of the less desirable weapon and armor enchantments.  This time, we have made some alterations to the Frost Weapon Enchantment and Thunderhead Armor Enchantments!  Check out the upcoming patch notes for more information!


Besides these new packs, you can find packs that you have seen in other lockboxes.  These include the Artisan’s Professions Pack, Runic Insignia Pack and Ostorian Relic Pack.  This lockbox also contains an updated pack, the Gigantic Stronghold Pack!


As is the case with all lockboxes, the Giants’ Lockbox requires an enchanted key to open, which is purchasable in the Zen Market, or obtainable daily via the VIP Program. Be sure to check out the keyrings as well, which come with 20 keys per ring and a class-specific pair of Frostborn Gloves to protect against the Everfrost of the North!


Chantelle Tatum

Systems Designer

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