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Patch Notes: NW.60.20160307a.15

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 06 Apr 2016 06:32:27 PM PDT


Day of the Dungeon Master

  • Crystal Dice now explicitly state where players can acquire them.
  • Portobello's Fashion items now display correctly on all character races and genders.
  • Portobello's Foot Race no longer gets into a "stuck" state.
  • Portobello's Wand of Sight
    • Players may no longer interact with objects or contacts while using this item.
    • This item no longer changes the player's companion to look like the player character.
    • This item now consistently teleports the player forward if they teleported while using this item.
  • The player's chosen flavor of Lathander's Dew now drops consistently when playing the Respen's Marvelous Game queue.


Content and Environment

Castle Never

  • If a player character is dead when Orcus dies, they now properly respawn at the nearest campfire, rather than the beginning of the instance.


Powers and Balance

Hunter Ranger

  • Split Shot: The "aiming" portion of this power no longer displays its visual effect to other players.


Items and Economy


  • Potion of Fey Healing and Potion of Heroism can once again be purchased from the Sharandar rewards vendor.
  • The Hunter Ranger Booster Pack is once again in the Zen Market.
  • The coupon, "Limited Time: 20% Off Watler" now properly gives a 20% discount, instead of 15%.


User Interface


  • Queue Accept pop-ups now properly display even if the player's system clock is not synced to their local time.



Zen Market

  • The Void Locket now properly states that it gives Dread Enchantments rather than Shadowclad Enchantments when playing in Italian.


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