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New Companion: Watler the Gargoyle

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 30 Mar 2016 04:54:39 PM PDT

Portobello’s Campaign is a test of true wit where only the highest of rolls can lead to survival. Many a trap, trial and test await foolish brave adventurers who seek the riches that Portobello has to offer. Though physical threats are numerous, the cowardly Watler and Staldorf may be the biggest obstacle of all as they barrage insult after insult in your direction. Luckily for you, Watler has stepped down from his pedestal and into the Zen Market!

Watler – This gargoyle acts tough and throws out insults at every opportunity, but cowers at any chance of physical confrontation.

Watler is an Augment Companion with initial points in Hit Points, Defense, Deflection and Life Steal. His Active Bonus grants double the amount of Adventuring Accreditation gained from Portobello’s Campaign and +300 Deflect.

The only question is if he’ll continue insulting you even as your Companion.

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