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Patch Notes: NW.55.20160125b.2

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 03 Feb 2016 05:06:07 PM PST

Patch Notes: NW.55.20160125b.2


Call to Arms: Gate Crashers

This Call to Arms sends players to the depths of the Chasm to fight against the aberrants that threaten Scar Keep.  Repel the Order of Blue Fire and their plaguechanged brethren, earn rare enchantments, and play for a chance for your very own Intellect Devourer companion!

CTA: Gate Crashers will begin on February 11

CTA: Gate Crashers will begin on February 15

The waves of enemies in this Call to Arms will approach a little more quickly this time around, while the boss will be a little tougher (along the lines of other CTA bosses).  All classes added since last run now have access to transmutation weapons.



More Double Events

We've filled in some empty weekends with more Double events!  Here's what's new to the roster:


February 4: 2x Experience

February 18: 2x Glory

March 3: 2x Seals


Going forward, events will begin as soon as the regular Thursday maintenance ends.  This doesn't change the end time of the event, though the Last Chance vendor for larger events will still leave before the next major event starts.



Content and Environment


  • Call to Arms queues no longer incorrectly state that they're "for all levels," though they still properly accept players level 6 or higher.
  • Collections: Addressed a few minor typos in the Icewind Pass location of the Icewind Dale collection.
  • Demogorgon: We've talked to Goristro and it's agreed to stick around for the full 5 minutes to fight adventurers, no matter when they enter the arena. Please let us know if Goristro violates our terms of demonic agreement (ToDA).
  • Double- and triple-kills in Gauntlgrym PvP now properly count toward the PvP Campaign.
  • Players may no longer, under certain circumstances, retain quest items that they had supposedly turned in.
  • Minor text improvements have been made to Challenge of the Gods content (for the next time the event runs).
  • Prophecy of Madness: The Balor now consistently counts toward Balor-killing achievements.
  • Shores of Tuern (Epic): Players may no longer target their powers through the magical barrier when their party members are in the final boss encounter.
  • Vellosk: The door to Xin'kar Ruins no longer doubles up on its "Enter Xin'kar Ruins" text.



Combat and Powers


  • The sounds made by the Bear Cub, Polar Bear Cub, Baby Owlbear, and Baby Bulette are now approximately 38% cuter.



  • Drizzt's attacks now show proper names in the Combat Log.



Items and Economy

Underdark Rewards

  • The bonus "Demonic Overload" Heroic Encounter no longer drops a ring, but has a chance to drop a Peridot or Aquamarine instead.
  • +4 Epic rings dropped from Underdark content now have an additional Enchantment slot.  They all now have one Offense and one Defense slot.
  • +5 Legendary rings dropped from Demogorgon and Epic Demogorgon now drop twice as frequently (but still very, very rarely).


Artifact Weapons

  • Awakened Heart quest items no longer have an "Equip" option in their context menu.
  • Stronghold Shield now properly has a Refine selection in its context menu.
  • Stronghold Sword Knot now properly has a Refine selection in its context menu.



  • Horn of Valhalla: This artifact now properly makes sound when used.
  • Siege Master's War Horn: This artifact is now consistently considered an Artifact of Stability.
  • When looting objects with randomized rewards, each player's result is now stored - so waiting for another player loot the object will no longer allow a player to try for a different item.



User Interface


  • In the Riches tab, the "Spend" button for Trade Bars is disabled if the player is in another full-screen contact window.  (This matches the functionality of the other "Spend" buttons.)



  • Quest rewards now properly show the number of items the player will receive (e.g. Lights of Simril).



  • The profession task detail window now scrolls completely, rather than just the rewards section.



  • If a player has a reward window open with a rare item (marked with a golden background), and attempts to close the window, they now receive a prompt.


Zen Market

  • The banner for the New Life Lockbox now displays properly.




  • Many companions, including the Intellect Devourer, now properly make a sound when selected in Sword Coast Adventures.
  • The banner for the New Life Lockbox now properly links to the New Life Lockbox dev blog.


Graphics, Effects, and Animation

  • Players with Razer Chroma peripherals can now access certain integrated lighting effects.



Stability and Performance

  • A memory leak in the cloth drawing system has been addressed.
  • Another rare deadlock in the VFX system has been addressed.
  • When players fail to transfer to a new map, they no longer become stuck on the map they attempted to leave.



  • French, German, Italian, and Russian localization is now up-to-date with this build.


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