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New Companion: The Quasit is Summoned!

By Fero | Tue 19 Jan 2016 08:00:00 AM PST

Though Demogorgon inflicts madness into any brave adventurer he faces, it takes a particularly skilled being to manipulate even the finest of heroes to do their bidding. As the tricky devil on your shoulder, the quasit excels at torment, mischief and corruption. Luckily for you, this quasit is bound to you by magic and shall “advise” you as the newest companion in Neverwinter, available for purchase in the Zen Market on January 21!

Quasit - While the quasit’s evil nature makes it never to be trusted, many adventurers do summon and bind them for their demonic insight.

The tiny quasit is an Augment companion with initial stats in Hit Points, Power, Recovery and Armor Penetration. Its Active Bonus gives you +1,500 Regeneration, which increases to 2,250 if you have the three set bonus for the Drowcraft or Dusk armor sets.

There’s only one question left: are you controlling the quasit or is it controlling you?

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