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Neverwinter: Winter Events Schedule - Gifts and 2x!

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Thu 17 Dec 2015 10:00:00 AM PST

Winter has come and so has our celebration of this wonderful year for Neverwinter. We’re saying farewell to 2015 by holding a series of promotional events that are sure to warm your hearts from the frigid weather outside.

We’ve put together a list and checking it twice of all the events and freebies we have until the end of the year – and then some!

Double Events Schedule:


Start (10AM PST)

End (10AM PST)

2x Guild Marks



2x Profession Resources*



2x XP



2x Enchants & Runes



2x Refinement Points





*Note: 2x Profession Resources currently does NOT affect Masterwork Profession nodes.

Free Items Schedule (Claim from the Zen Market):

Day (Starts @ 2AM PST)


Saturday, 12/26

Free Bag of Holding

Sunday, 12/27

Free Stone of Health

Monday, 12/28

Free Experience Booster

Tuesday, 12/29

Free Blood Ruby

Wednesday, 12/30

3x Free Preservation Wards

Thursday, 12/31

5x Free Scrolls of Life

Friday, 1/1

Free Winter Wolf Mount



All of these items except for the Winter Wolf mount are claimable only once, and bind to either the character or the account.

The Winter Wolf mount can be claimed on every character on the account, and is reclaimable - but after the free day is over, it is no longer reclaimable!

Mysterious Egg Re-Hatches:

The promo hatches: Thursday, 12/17 @ 10AM

The promo ends: Thursday, 1/07 @ 10AM

Like the new year we’ll be celebrating, the Chicken and Cockatrice companions are ready to hatch. During this time a Mysterious Chicken Egg will be available for purchase in the Wondrous Bazaar (the egg is affected by VIP price reductions).

Adventurers who open this egg will either be rewarded with the Chicken or a Cockatrice companion.

Cockatrice Companion - Cockatrice are rooster-like featherless avians with the ability to turn enemies to stone. Raised from an egg by fearless exotic beast-tamer, this cockatrice is ill-tempered but controllable.

The Cockatrice’s Active Bonus gives a 10% chance to root the source of damage taken for 3 seconds.

Chicken Companion - One of Mhandyvver’s famous chickens, this bird has decided to follow you for its own mysterious reasons. Much like the Ioun Stone of Allure, the chicken companion will increase your power while summoned.

The Chicken’s Active Bonus gives you +40% movement speed and -10% damage debuff on your attacker if you take damage greater than 25% of your max HP in one blow.


That’s quite a lot going on before the end of the year. If you ever need a reminder for the weeks to come, make sure to bookmark this page.

Have a great year, adventurers!

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