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Neverwinter: The Winter Festival is Live!

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Thu 17 Dec 2015 10:00:00 AM PST

As blankets of snow snuggle the mountain tops and lakes glisten with ice, the Winter Festival of Simril has returned to Neverwinter once again. Located in the village of Twilight Tor, adventurers can partake in a number of cheerful events in order to obtain rewards that are sure to thaw even the coldest of hearts.

The festival starts on Thursday, December 17 at 10AM PST (Pacific)

The festival will freeze again on Thursday, January 7 at 10AM PST (Pacific)

In our previously published developer blogs, we went over what adventurers can expect in this year’s festivities. Check them out here:


If you fancy a nice fishing trip, the Ice Fishing event is just the catch for you! Collect different lures and poles in order to best your competition and become the envy of Lake Glorfindar.

The ever-popular Twilight Run returns as adventurers brave the elements in an exhilarating sled race through the snowy mountains.

Finally, new this year on PC, demons from the Underdark have appeared outside of town, threatening the joyful celebration inside. Vanquish them in the new Demons on Ice event to preserve the festivities and to protect the citizens of Twilight Tor.

New rewards have also made their way to the PC version of Neverwinter, which includes the Demon Sled and the Snowy Fawn! Obtain a new artifact, the Beacon of Simril and upgrade it with items earned from the aforementioned events.

Come on up to Twilight Tor and warm your hands by the fire. The Winter Festival awaits!

Don’t forget our celebration outside of the Winter Festival. Take a look at our schedule for 2x events and free items here.

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