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Neverwinter: The Winter Festival of Simril Preview

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Fri 11 Dec 2015 09:40:00 AM PST

The nights are drawing in, winter is coming, and it is time to celebrate the Simril Festival once again!

The picturesque village of Twilight Tor is hosting winter festivities and celebrating the Lights of Simril.

With the recent upheaval in the Underdark, Twilight Tor has opened its doors to some refugees from Mantol-Derith. Not all the visitors to this winter haven are so welcome, however, as demons have followed the refugees from their subterranean home and threaten to bring the festival to a premature end.

Gather in the village to partake in the festivities.

  • Share winter gifts and treats, with new surprises in store for recipients of gift parcels.
  • Seek your fortune in the stars, with new and improved fortune buffs to enhance your character.
  • Try your hand at ice fishing, with additional rewards and new unusual fish.
  • Speed down the ice in the slalom race! Check out the latest mounts, including the new demon sled.
  • Help fight off the encroaching demon threat and save the festival for everyone.


This holiday features some new activities, too. Collect blacklead to help create a duergar demon sled. Recruit some much-needed assistance for your stronghold from the Mantol-Derith refugees. Exchange gift parcels for new rewards, including a new artifact: the Beacon of Simril, which can be upgraded through partaking in the winter festivities and engaging in Simril Lightcrafting.

So wrap up, stay warm, and get ready for Simril festivities. Look for more information in a future blog.

Simon Lucas

Content Designer

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