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Patch Notes: NW.55.20151123a.3

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 02 Dec 2015 06:40:48 PM PST

Patch Notes

Patch Notes: NW.55.20151123a.3

Classes and Balance


  • Burning Guidance: This boon now triggers once per second at its fastest.


Class Powers

  • Hunter Ranger: Grasping Roots' duration now properly matches its tooltip.
  • Oathbound Paladin: Prism can now affect a maximum of 5 targets.
  • Oathbound Paladin: Sacred Weapon no longer triggers from Bond of Virtue heals.
  • Oathbound Paladin: Shield of Faith can now affect a maximum of 10 targets.



  • Grazilaxx now properly wields a standard Illithid staff rather than a Warlock pact blade.



  • Balors that aren't wielding a whip will no longer perform whip attacks.
  • Demogorgon: In Phase 1 and 3, Demogorgon has a new ranged attack: Insanity Gaze.
    • This attack targets Demogorgon's main aggro target and places one stack of Insanity on that target.
    • Demogorgon will not use this power if the main aggro target is in melee range.



  • The debuff caused by the Spore Tower now has tooltip text.


Content and Environment

  • A new Double Refinement event has been added for this weekend.
  • Audio timing and voice-over quality has been improved and updated in various cutscenes.
  • Gift of Tymora: The description of this event has received minor updates.
  • Icewind Dale: The quests Needless Distractions and Safekeeping can no longer get into a state where they cannot be completed.
  • Prophecy of Madness: New Abyssal Tears no longer respawn early if all party members are killed before killing the demons they summoned.
  • Prophecy of Madness and Throne of the Dwarven Gods now have updated background art for their queue entries.
  • Prophecy of Madness and Throne of the Dwarven Gods now state in their queue text that the extra rewards are earned via a Legendary Dragon Key rather than an Epic Dungeon Chest Key.
  • Protector's Enclave: Many mounts from lockboxes old and new now show up on the mount vendor's podium.
  • Sergeant Knox now directs players to Sergeant Belgold if they are eligible to begin the featured quest series, "The Dwarven King."
  • The battle master in the Trade of Blades now has level 60-69 and level 70 queue options.
  • The Dwarven King, Chapter 2: Players now respawn at a closer campfire when defeated by the final boss.
  • The Dwarven King, Chapter 8: Enemies no longer appear to spawn in and immediately disappear after completing a certain stage of this quest.
  • The following Heroic Encounters now have a 25 minute cooldown: Cornered by Crabs, Feeding the Fire, Slaad Invasion.
  • Simril Festival event NPCs and decorations no longer show up in Protector's Enclave or the Stronghold while the event is inactive.



Items and Economy


  • Explorer's Charts are now available for purchase from the Stronghold Marketplace.
  • Explorer's Charts are now available at Stronghold Marketplace rank 6 and up and no longer require an Explorer's Guild rank 6 and up.
  • Explorer's Charts now cost 3000 guild marks, up from 2000 guild marks.
  • The Explorer's Guild utility boon "Gold Bonus" has been changed to "Treasure Hunter."
    • In addition to existing bonuses earning gold, "Treasure Hunter" granted by an Explorer's Guild rank 6 and up now doubles the amount of items granted from explorer's charts.


Adjustments to Elemental Artifact Weapon Quests

  • The drop rate of Motes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water have been slightly increased from minor and major heroic encounters in Spinward Rise, Reclamation Rock, Fiery Pit, and Drowned Shore respectively.
  • The frequency with which epic heroic encounters appear in Spinward Rise, Reclamation Rock, Fiery Pit, and Drowned Shore has been reduced.
  • Elemental Seeker’s Wands have been added to the consumables section of the Trade Bar Store for 45 trade bars. These items have four charges that increase the drop rate of motes from minor and major Heroic Encounters in their corresponding zones to 100% for thirty minutes.



  • Epic Demogorgon now properly drops Twisted Ichor from the final chest when players earn Silver or higher ranking.  This chest is openable by Legendary Dragon Keys or Greater Demonic Keys.
  • For those with the proper promo codes, the Death Slaad is now available from the Reward Claims Agent.
  • Storm Front: This skirmish now awards 375 Astral Diamonds, up from 300.
  • Stronghold Guild Mask items no longer remove facial hair.
  • Stronghold Shield: This item is now held right-side-up by Paladins who wield it.
  • Superior Elemental Longsword now properly shows up as a Weaponsmithing profession rare task.
  • Valindra's Tower: This dungeon now awards 750 Astral Diamonds, down from 900.
  • When receiving a bonus reward after reaching the daily bonus cap, such as Astral Diamonds from the end of dungeons, the bonus no longer collects in the inventory.


User Interface

Alteration (Character Appearance)

  • "Purchase" now allows the player to purchase a Change Appearance Token even if they have made no changes.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the text.



  • When a player with a posted item on the Auction House deletes the character who posted it, outstanding bids are now refunded and the item is now removed.



  • Sharandar now shows its proper completion percentage, rather than being locked at 67%.
  • The requirements to unlock the Underdark campaign are now more instructive.


Character Sheet

  • Minor improvements have been made to the layout.



  • Raid Chat now properly works for instances with multiple teams.



  • Dusk Armor boots now correctly state that they're available from the Zen Market.
  • Grazilaxx now appears in the Companions section of Collections.



  • Captain Belgold's name no longer appears to intersect his body.


Inventory and Item Tooltips

  • Clicking the button to empty the Overflow Bag now properly empties all it can, even if the destination bag is full.



  • Leaderboards for the Underdark module are now running and viewable.



  • When the Demogorgon queue is filled, it no longer states that no more players will be sent to reinforce the team.



  • In Throne of the Dwarven Gods, Prophecy of Madness, and the Demogorgon encounter, the scoreboard now allows the player to review the usual scoreboard values in addition to the team's overall performance.



  • The Tend button for Stronghold production structures now properly updates when space frees up in the Coffer.


Zen Market

  • The Purchase menu now defaults to selecting the best applicable coupon for a purchase, rather than defaulting to no coupon.
  • The Zen Market reorganization is now in effect!  Check out the Zen Market's new categories; it should be intuitive to find the items and services you care about.


Graphics and Visual Effects

  • Visual effects in the Demogorgon encounter have been optimized, which may result in performance improvements.


Stability and Performance

  • Certain combinations of weapons with visual effects, slotted with Enhancements with visual effects, no longer cause client locks or crashes.



  • German locale: Companion tooltips now properly display the companion's list of powers.
  • Various improvements have been made to the Underdark text and voice-over audio for the French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.
  • Various improvements have been made to text throughout the game for the French and German locales.


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