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Patch Notes: Underdark

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Mon 16 Nov 2015 05:51:41 PM PST

Patch Notes for Underdark



Featured Quests written by R.A. Salvatore! - Dev Blog

We're excited to offer "The Dwarven King," a series of quests written by R.A. Salvatore.  Join Pwent, Regis, Bruenor, and more on a series of adventures that take you across the Sword Coast!

You can begin these quests at level 60 by talking to Captain Belgold in Protector's Enclave.  Completing these featured quests will unlock access to Mantol-Derith, the gathering point for the new Underdark Campaign.


Underdark Campaign - Dev Blog

Help the denizens of the Underdark stop the flow of demons from the Abyss!

The Underdark Campaign will unlock for players who are at level 70 and have completed the featured quest series, "The Dwarven King," written by R.A. Salvatore.  The Underdark Campaign will allow players to access powerful boons and equipment to push back the demon hordes from the Abyss!


Demonic Heroic Encounters

Demons have begun to appear on the surface, and it's up to you to drive them back!

Demonic Heroic Encounters are located in the Dread Ring, Dwarven Valley, Icewind Pass, Well of Dragons, and Strongholds.  These Heroic Encounters will scale in difficulty and rewards based on the number of players who participate.


New Skirmishes - Dev Blog: Throne of the Dwarven Gods - Dev Blog: Prophecy of Madness

Two new skirmishes are available at level 70: Throne of the Dwarven Gods and Prophecy of Madness.  Through these, you'll learn a few tricks that will help you in the fight against Demogorgon.

These skirmishes will reward players based on how well they perform.  They also have variations in gameplay, so be ready for anything!


Demogorgon - Dev Blog

The Prince of Demons has been released from the Abyss, and it's up to you to prevent him from destroying the world as you know it!

The battle against Demogorgon requires 10 players.  At the top of every hour, players can fight Demogorgon by gathering in Mantol-Derith and going to the cavern where he lurks.

Defeating Demogorgon and advancing in the campaign allows players to unlock an Epic version, available through the queue system.  Be warned, the Prince of Demons has more tricks in this fight, but gives rewards worthy of epic adventurers!


Stronghold Updates - Dev Blog

Strongholds continue to expand in this latest module!

Guilds will have access to a new Production plot at Rank 15, allowing them to build new structures to increase production of resources or the size of their coffers.

A new PvP tower has been added: the Spore Tower!  The Spore Tower will produce mushrooms that significantly heal guild members.  At later ranks, it will heal guild members when enemy players are killed near it.


Trade Bar Store Update - Dev Blog

The Trade Bar Store in Protector's Enclave has seen major updates!  Many prices have been adjusted in this store.  Fashion items and dye packs have moved from the Zen Market to the Trade Bar Store, though they'll remain available in the Zen Market until December 17.

Trade Bars are now Bind to Account, too!  If you want to transfer them between characters, go ahead and deposit them in the Shared Bank, accessible via the normal bank tellers in Protector's Enclave.

The Tarde Bar Store is now accessible remotely, via the Wealth tab of the Inventory, so spending those Trade Bars is a whole lot more convenient!  To gain Trade Bars, open any Lockbox with an Enchanted Key.


Gear Preview - Dev Blog

Wherever you can see an item tooltip, you can right-click on that item to bring up the new Gear Preview UI!  Using this feature, you can see just how a given item would look on your character, and even construct an entire outfit for preview.

Known issue: Players currently cannot preview gear of other classes than their own.  This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.


Masterwork Recipes - Dev Blog

Those with a Stronghold rank of 12 or higher and a crafting profession rank of 25 can now receive a quest line that will put their crafting abilities to the test.  Through challenging work, dedicated artisans will be able to create item level 140 gear that may be freely sold and traded.

Known issue: Certain gear given by Masterwork Professions currently has no required level.  This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.


Elemental Artifact Weapons

New quests are available from Archdruid Morningdawn at the Tree of Elemental Balance in Protector's Enclave.  One quest can be accepted at a time, allowing players to complete Heroic Encounters in Elemental Evil zones for progress toward new Elemental Artifact Weapons.  The more difficult the encounter, the better the chances to gain progress.

Known issue: Accepting multiple Elemental Artifact Weapon quests prevents the player from gaining progress in those quests.  To work around the issue, a player may drop all of those Artifact quests, then accept only one.  This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.



Additional Notes

Classes and Balance

Control Wizard

  • Ice Knife: Fixed an issue that caused this power's visual effects to display even if the power was cancelled via a Shift-Teleport.


Devoted Cleric

  • Empowered: This power's icon has been updated to match Divinity, instead of using the Sun Burst icon.
  • Empowered: More information has been added to this power's buff tooltip.
  • Sun Burst: A typo has been addressed in the Divine version of this power.
  • Sun Burst: More information has been added to this power's buff tooltip.
  • Divine Oracle: Prophecy of Doom: Now correctly benefits from buffs and debuffs on the caster.


Guardian Fighter

  • Knight's Valor: No longer causes a damage loop when used in conjunction with a Paladin's Divine Protector.


Oathbound Paladin

  • Oath of Protection: Divine Protector: No longer causes a damage loop when used in conjunction with a Guardian Fighter's Knight's Valor.


Scourge Warlock

  • Feats: Parting Blasphemy: Now correctly benefits from the buffs and debuffs on the caster.



  • Icewind Dale: Avalanche: Stacks of Avalanche can now only be gained once a second.


Level Scaling

  • Players who are temporarily adjusted to level 61 or above now gain additional hit points, damage and damage resistance.



Content and Environment

Protector's Enclave

  • Various minor visual improvements have been made to the Hall of Justice area.


Blackdagger Ruins

  • When Kallos Tam is pulled out of his room, the fight now resets.
  • When the Adventurers are pulled out of their room, the fight now resets.


Stronghold Siege

  • Enemy depots no longer have blue beams at the start



  • All new major pathing issues that cropped up in the last few weeks are now addressed.
  • Dread Ring: The Thayans have decided to slow down the number of zombies thrown at the main camp, preferring to save them for powerful adventurers instead of the Neverwinter guard.
  • Enemies in the Gate Crashers skirmish now consistently enter the arena.
  • Gate crystals in the Chasm now consistently show health bars.
  • Players may now queue for level 60-69 and 70 PvP maps from the battlemaster in the Trade of Blades.


Items and Economy

Astral Diamonds - Dev Blog

  • The daily refinement cap is now 36,000, increased from 24,000.
  • Dungeons, Skirmishes, and PvP now give 50% more Astral Diamonds per completion.  The maximum earnings from each of these sources have been raised by 50% as well.
  • Weekly quests now give 50% more Astral Diamonds per completion.
  • Blue-quality companions in the Wondrous Bazaar now cost 400,000 Astral Diamonds, reduced from 650,000 - 800,000.
  • Upgrading a companion from White quality to Green quality now costs 50,000 Astral Diamonds, reduced from 300,000.
  • Upgrading a companion from Green to Blue quality now costs 250,000 AD, reduced from 500,000.
  • Upgrading a companion from Blue to Purple quality now costs 500,000 AD, reduced from 750,000.
  • Astral Resonators now directly grant 40,000 - 50,000 AD, rather than sending players to harvest the same amount.  This only changes gameplay; reward chances and values are unaffected.


Artifact Weapons

  • A new item category, "Always Double Refinement," has been added. Items with that category listed on their tooltip are always refined into others at a "Double Refinement" rate, but are not affected by 2x Refinement events.
  • Artifact Weapons rank 15 and above are now tagged with Always Double Refinement.



  • The following campaign tasks no longer cost Astral Diamonds to complete:
    • Sharandar: Malabog's Castle Key
    • Dread Ring: Valindra's Tower Key
    • Icewind Dale: Kessell's Retreat Key
    • Tyranny of Dragons: Mystic Dragon Key
    • Tyranny of Dragons: Arcane Dragon Key
    • Tyranny of Dragons: Dragon Queen's Key



  • The item level of a number of jewelcrafting rare task items has been adjusted from 120 to 122 to be in line with other, similar rare profession tasks. The high-quality and gemmed versions of these items are not affected.



  • Explorer's Charts are now available to purchase from Explorer's Guilds rank 6 and above.  These charts allow players to acquire resources for Masterwork Recipes and their related quests.
    • This requirement will change to a Rank 6 Marketplace in a future build.
    • The price per Chart will increase by 50%, but a Rank 6 Explorer's Guild will allow players to harvest twice the resources.
  • Stronghold Artifact Weapons are now Bind to Account on Pickup, rather than Bind [to Character] on Pickup.
  • The cost of Stronghold Artifact Weapons has been adjusted.  There are now three alternate pricings.
  • Before: 15,000 Guild Marks, 25 Fangs of the Dragonflight, 25 Fallen Banners, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
  • After:
    • PvE: 15,000 Guild Marks, 25 Fangs of the Dragonflight, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
    • PvP: 15,000 Guild Marks, 25 Fallen Banners, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
    • Mix: 15,000 Guild Marks, 10 Fangs of the Dragonflight, 10 Fallen Banners, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
  • The Gemmonger in the Stronghold now has Demon Slayer and Demon Ward marks in stock when the appropriate marketplace rank is reached.
  • The required rank to purchase Stronghold Artifact Weapons is now Marketplace Rank 6, down from Marketplace Rank 8.


Zen Market

  • Many Fashion and Dye items available in the Zen Market are now available in the Trade Bar Store.
    • These Fashion and Dye items will leave the Zen Market at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 17, 2015.
  • The Vestments of the Wind fashion item is now available in the Trade Bar Store, separate from the Air Cultist Bundle.  The bundle will remain in the Zen Market until December 17, 2015.
    • The Air Cultist is now available as a standalone purchase at 800 Zen.
  • The Legendary Dragon Key will now open special chests in Kessell's Retreat as well as Underdark Skirmishes, Demogorgon and Epic Demogorgon.
  • The Legendary Dragon Key is now epic.



  • Players now have one additional bag slot!
  • Champion's Armored Bulette: This mount is now Legendary quality.
  • Claw of Bahamut: This item now binds to account on pickup, rather than on equip.
  • Eldritch Runestones: Equipping multiple Eldritch Runestones of the same rank now properly transfers additional Movement and Tenacity, instead of only providing you the benefit of having one equipped.
  • Eldritch Runestones: The buff icon now has better text, instead of just reading "Augment."
  • Fey Blessing Enchantments have been renamed to match the naming convention of other similar enchantments.
  • Guild PvP armor from Strongholds has been updated with unique coloring to differentiate it from PvE armor.
  • Heroic Encounters in the Stronghold may now drop grimoires equippable by companions, in addition to existing companion equipment.
  • Legendary items may now be used to refine other items.
  • Pure Holy Avenger Enchantment: The tooltip text no longer references astral resonators.
  • Terror Weapon Enchantment: The tooltip text has been updated to be more accurate.
  • The Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple companion is once again available from the Dragon Scale Merchant.


User Interface


  • Players may now purchase Change Appearance Tokens from this UI even if they haven't yet made changes to how their character looks.



  • If a campaign task has changed from non-repeatable to repeatable, e.g. with the Valindra's Tower Key task, these tasks are now properly repeatable for players who had already completed them.



  • Collections - The order of the "Zone Rewards" section has been updated to be consistent with the order in which they released.



  • When a companion is ready to train, its tooltip now shows XP values in addition to the "Ready to train" message.



  • Minor improvements have been made to the Guild Settings UI.
  • In the Guild Bank, the "Withdraw" option in the context menu is now disabled if the player cannot withdraw the item.
  • In the Guild Bank, when selecting the Withdraw option via the context menu on an item stack, a slider now appears instead of the whole stack being withdrawn.



  • Debuffs now display before buffs in player status effect lists.


Inventory and Item Tooltips

  • Item count sliders may now go past 999 when entering values in manually.
  • Items now display the word "Salvageable" next to their sell price if they can be salvaged.
  • When transferring items out of the Overflow Bag, there is no longer an error if there are more items in the Overflow Bag than empty space in the inventory.  Instead, items are removed from the Overflow Bag until the remaining space fills.



  • When consuming an item for refinement that could instead be salvaged, there is now a prompt informing the player of that.
  • The "Reagents Needed" now more clearly displays the required quantity.



  • Store subtabs no longer truncate their names as frequently.


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