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Patch Notes: NW.50.20151022c.1

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 28 Oct 2015 05:03:48 PM PDT

Masquerade of Liars has been updated!

The Masquerade of Liars will run from Thursday, October 29 to early Wednesday, November 4.  The process of converting Liar's Charms into Masquerade Tokens has been updated, and there's a new Artifact for those still working on their Artifact slots.  Here are the highlights:

  • New Artifact: Illusionist's Mask
    • Stats: Recovery, Deflection, Stamina Regeneration
    • Maximum rank: 60 (Epic)
    • Special notes: No "On Use" power.  Can only be upgraded using Masquerade of Liars event items.
  • Talking to Illusionists now trades one Liar's Charm for an Illusionist's Bag.
  • Illusionist's Bag: When opened, this item rewards 2-3 Masquerade Tokens, refinement items for the Illusionist's Mask, and rarely a Beholder Piñata.
  • Liar's Charms can now be traded directly for Masquerade Tokens at a 1:1 ratio.  This is done at the event store in Protector's Enclave.


Legendary Mounts now have 140% speed!

Many Legendary quality mounts, old and new, now have a 140% move speed bonus.  This is an increase from the 110% speed of Legendary mounts released prior to the Elemental Evil lockboxes.  See the Mount Speed Changes thread for a list of specific mounts.


Classes and Balance

  • Devoted Cleric
    • Gift of Haste: This feat no longer applies to enemies.
  • Scourge Warlock
    • All-Consuming Curse no longer loses its description text when it ranks up.
    • Dreadtheft now correctly procs weapon enhancements.
  • Trickster Rogue
    • Shadow of Demise tooltip now mentions that it only triggers on encounter powers. This is just a tooltip change.
  • Boons
    • Tyranny of Dragons: Dragon's Fury now grants the correct amount of critical severity.
  • Race Bonuses
    • Half-Elf: Dilettante now properly gives +1 Dexterity to Oathbound Paladins.
  • Certain buff powers can no longer incorrectly be Deflected.



Content and Environment

  • (PvP) Domination
    • Active Companion Bonuses are no longer applied to players in Domination PvP.
  • (PvP) Gauntlgrym
    • Active Companion Bonuses are no longer applied to players in Gauntlgrym PvP.
  •  (PvP) Stronghold Siege
    • Archer Towers now display a debuff icon over affected targets.
    • Players who are part of guilds that have not yet visited their Stronghold map no longer have a chance to end up with invisible walls in their side's Guild Hall in Stronghold Siege.
  • Siege Tutorial
    • After completing the ballista, players now always have access to the central supply wagon for more Supplies.
    • A new objective, "Lead Pack Horse to Siege Point," has been added.
    • Catapult boulders now properly impact the guild hall.
    • Players are now properly scaled to level 60 in this tutorial.
    • Players may now capture the enemy depot with any number of Supplies.
    • Players may now travel across the entire center lane and return to their guild hall.
    • Tutorial tips are now more spaced out to prevent overlapping audio.
  • Strongholds
    • Certain structures are no longer invisible on certain plots of land.
    • Enemies that appear in Heroic Encounters are now randomized based on the rank of the Guild Hall.
  • Cragmire Crypts: Traven Blackdagger's teleport attack has been changed to a "lunge to target" type attack.
  • Healing Harvest: The interactive objects in this quest are now easier to spot.
  • Lair of Lostmauth: The ground no longer flickers in the room before Lostmauth.
  • Protector's Enclave: Tower of Alteration should no longer see flickering environments or disappearing walls.
  • Temple of the Spider: Halbryn Dark Stalker no longer attempts to use stealth.
  • Travelling Wizard: This event no longer shows over the quest tracker.
  • Vault of the Nine: Jarlaxle Baenre has taken one of several caravans to Neverwinter in order to seek out help from adventurers regarding the Vault of the Nine.
    • Adventurers no longer need to go to Caer-Konig to start the Vault of the Nine quest line. They can speak to Jarlaxle Baenre near the caravan for Icewind Dale.
  • Several holes in the environment and walls without collision have been patched up.
  • Several textures are no longer significantly lower resolution than their surrounding environment.



Items and Economy

  • Astral Diamonds
    • The following weekly quests now have a reward of 3,000 Astral Diamonds:
      • Arcane Reservoir (Sharandar)
      • The Red Wizards (Dread Ring)
      • Biggrin's Tomb (Caer-Konig)
      • Protecting the Portal (Harper Boward)
      • Reclaiming the Hoard (Well of Dragons)
  • Enchantments and Enhancements
    • Thayan Slayer Mark I: This item's tooltip now displays correctly.
    • Transcendent Lightning Enchantment: The tooltip now properly states that the effect deals 32% weapon damage, rather than 7%.  This is only a tooltip change, and matches the functionality.
  • Stronghold Rewards
    • Golden Bell no longer has a non-functional Equip option in its context menu.
    • Influence no longer has a non-functional Use option in its context menu.
    • Stronghold accessories now properly have a minimum required level.
    • Stronghold Artifact Weapons are now available for purchase from "The Outfitter" in your guild stronghold as opposed to being rewarded from a quest "Weapons of the Guild." A marketplace rank 8 or above is required in order to purchase these weapons.
    • Stronghold Shards no longer have a non-functional Use option in their context menu.
    • The artifact, Siege Master's War Horn, is now available for purchase from The Outfitter in your guild stronghold. A marketplace rank 6 or above is required in order to purchase this artifact.
  • Arcane Dragon Key: This item's tooltip has been updated to list current rewards and content.
  • Bags that are Bind on Equip no longer automatically equip when acquired in certain ways.
  • Blood Crystal Raven Skull is now Bind on Equip when obtained through the Howling Hatred Lockbox.
  • Certain promotional versions of the Death Slaad, Phase Spider, and Black Death Scorpion companion can now properly be reclaimed from the Reward Claims Agent.  The reclaimed versions are Bind on Pickup.
    • There was an error with the Death Slaad, which resulted in us needing to remove it from the RCA. It will return at a later date.
  • Champion's Battle Horn now gives increased Temporary Hit Points to players above level 60.
  • Doohickey: The tooltip now mentions this item's visual effect.
  • Heroic Encounter rewards will no longer incorrectly display in Contest reward lists.
  • Mace of the Holy Knight: This item's flavor text in the Vault of Piety is now correct.
  • Obtaining a Belt of Valindra's Guard, Greater Belt of Seldarine or Golden Belt of Puissance at a quality higher than green now properly unlocks lower quality instances of that item in collections.
  • Pact Blade of the Infernal Darkness: This item's flavor text in the Vault of Piety is now correct.
  • Potions no longer go on cooldown when used while dodging.
  • Refiner's Cache now properly states in its tooltip that it can include Superior Marks of Potency.
  • Symbol of Water: This artifact is now in Collections.
  • VIP Signposts no longer create "Gather your party" circles.


User Interface

Auction House

  • Auction bids no longer can become stuck in a state where they cannot be outbid.
  • When editing Search text, pressing arrow keys once again properly moves the cursor, rather than shifting focus.



  • The Calendar UI has seen a significant update.
  • The view is now three weeks long, and clicking "Back" or "Next" advances the view by a week.
  • There is now an event list in a new pane on the left.



  • Configure Channel: Pressing ESC now properly closes the window while the Chat Tab Name text entry has focus.
  • Players who joined certain custom chat channels can now properly leave them.  This only affected chat channels with the same name as an official chat channel.



  • Guild Bank Permissions text entry fields now properly prevent invalid entries.
  • The Information tab has seen feedback and layout improvements.
  • The Roster tab has seen a change in layout.
  • The Search tab has seen minor improvements.
  • The Settings tab has seen minor browsing and display improvements.


History (Character)

  • When closing the History tab with a blank history field, the chat will no longer say "Description changed."


Home Page

  • Campaign information tiles now properly show information when clicked.



  • Invoking now only takes one attempt to succeed.


Inventory and Item Tooltips

  • Artifact gear now consistently shows artifact tooltip art.
  • Items that cannot be equipped by your class no longer show equip comparison information.
  • When purchasing a VIP Reactivation through the Inventory UI at rank 12, the tooltip no longer incorrectly claims that it will increase the VIP rank to 13 or higher.



  • When entering or editing text, pressing arrow keys once again properly moves the cursor, rather than shifting focus.



  • The events slider now slides closed after five seconds.  The player may still click on the arrows to reopen the slider.



  • Bound resources are now consistently used in tasks before unbound versions of the same resources.



  • Find Guild: When websites are truncated due to length, their full addresses are shown in a mouseover tooltip.



  • Coffer donation now shows the correct value during a Double Guild Marks event.


VIP Benefits

  • The "Claim Per Diem" button no longer glows if the player cannot currently claim, e.g. if they have not yet completed the tutorial.
  • The Zen Market no longer incorrectly tells players their VIP time is running out when they have more than a week of time remaining.


Graphics and Visual Effects

  • Swirl effects of the Air Archon companion no longer draw through walls.


Stability and Performance

  • Lair of Lostmauth: Various visual effects in the Lostmauth encounter have been optimized for improved performance.
  • A map-wide disconnect case has been addressed.
  • Several client crash cases have been addressed.
  • Server performance is slightly improved.



  • Players with the Auction House fee reduction VIP benefit now properly have reduced fees on Gateway.


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