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Patch Notes: Stronghold Siege PvP

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Mon 14 Sep 2015 02:59:14 PM PDT

New Features

Stronghold Siege PvP

Gather your guild to compete against and alongside other guilds in this all new Guild versus Guild PvP queue! Earn rewards to purchase the new Lionsmane PvP centric armor set, construct towers to help fend off invaders and guild vouchers.

Gather Supplies from Pack Horses and Siege Engineers traversing the lanes. Capture all of the supply depots in each lane to unlock constructing catapults outside the enemies Stronghold to do damage over time. Earn favor of the red dragon Cerasinax to assault the enemy stronghold by defeating Golems (or other players carrying them) and returning the coins dropped back to your stronghold.

See the Travelling Wizard in your Guild’s Stronghold for an overview and tutorial on how the new queue plays. Requires characters level 60 or more who are in a guild.


Patch Notes

Classes and Balance

  • Stronghold Boons: Corrected the numbers of the Stamina Ward and Drain boons. Also added text to make it easier for players to understand what they do.


Content and Environment

  • Abberant Assault Skirmish has been added to the queues for levels 59-67. Players will be Bolstered to level 60. The final boss room will now also draw ground FX better to make the encounter more readable.
  • Astral Diamond Changes
    • Daily quests have been removed in favor of awarding AD when completing Skirmishes, Dungeons or Domination PvP content.
    • Domination PvP now has AD added to the completion of this content up to a daily cap.
    • The Skirmish and Dungeon hourly events have been removed from the rotation in favor of just awarding AD for completion of this content up to a daily cap.
    • More detailed information about these changes can be found here:
  • Stronghold Dungeon Delve Quests: These quests will now give much more experience when completed.


Items and Economy

  • Astral Diamond Changes: The Leadership Profession has been modified to reward significantly fewer Astral Diamonds. Most tasks that used to reward AD no longer do so. Some tasks reward XP instead of AD. The rare level 4 task "Gather Diamonds" has been removed.
  • Companions: Made several passive powers only work after level 30 is reached as intended.
  • Dreadring Campaign Store: Dell McCourt has received a new supply of helms and will now sell them in his store in the Dread Ring. The non-remote version of the store had the feet listed twice and no helms.
  • Grandmaster Cryomancer is now on the donation list for Labor in the coffer.
  • Into the Farthest Forest: Upgraded the rewards to be min required level 70 and iLevel 115.
  • Invocation will now reliably grant rewards instead of needing to attempt it several times.
  • New items are available for purchase at The Outfitter in guild strongholds.
  • Resolved an issue wherein collections stated that the quest "Weapons of the Guild" would become available at "Stronghold Rank 8." Collections now states that "Guild Hall rank 16" is required. The amount of investment required to unlock the quest itself has not been increased, the terminology has been changed for clarification.
  • Resolved an issue wherein players could open a cache of the elements when they would not receive all of the seals contained therin.
  • Resolved an issue wherein players could open a cache of the protector when they would not receive all of the seals contained therin.
  • Resolved an issue wherein players would not receive any fangs of the dragonflight from ""The Greed of the Dragonflight"" guild event if the number received would cause the player to exceed the cap of 50 fangs.
  • Resolved an issue whereupon speaking to "The Outfitter" and selecting the option to view equipment for other classes would sometimes display the wrong equipment."
  • Resolved an issue whereupon speaking to "The Outfitter" in your guild stronghold and selecting the option "I want to look at equipment for other classes," would sometimes cause erroneous class names to display.
  • Resolved an issue whereupon speaking to "The Outfitter" in your guild stronghold as certain classes, the dialog option "Talk to you later, Outfitter." would not appear.
  • Resolved an issue whereupon speaking to "The Outfitter" in your guild stronghold, his name would sometimes not be present in vendor windows.


Performance and Stability

  • Increased reliability of shader performance for Intel chipsets and other lower end video cards with additional post process throttling and material preloading where possible.


User Interface

  • Auction House: Selecting a top level category now more reliably searches for the proper results.
  • Auction House: The search button now also glows if search parameters have been changed but not yet searched.
  • Character Select: A Character's guild will now display in the character select screen.
  • Character Sheet: Dragging an enchantment over an equipped item will now show the appropriate UI instead of showing a big red X.
  • Guild Permissions changes are now displayed in the guild activity log to give more transparency on guild changes.
  • Rough Astral Diamonds now show a notification in the lower right when earned.
  • Scoreboards: Resolved an issue with scoreboards often displaying you at Bronze despite being in the top performers. This could occur in zone wide contests or Tiamat.
  • Strongholds: Resolved an issue where Guild Level was displayed as level 1 in some areas such as the Summary tab of the Guild window and the Steward.


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