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Patch Notes: NW.50.20150819a.1

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 26 Aug 2015 04:42:44 PM PDT

Patch Notes


Classes and Balance

  • Corrected an issue that caused enemies to apply their armor penetration incorrectly. Additionally this fix will prevent incorrect stacking of enemy armor penetration.
  • Stronghold Temple description now more accurately reflects that it reduces Revive Sickness duration.



  • Updated voice overs for Stronghold content.


Content and Environment

  • Oathbound Paladins without a Paragon Path now count as DPS for the purposes of queues instead of none. This would often put them into inappropriate groups.
  • Strongholds
    • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on the Campaign dailies if they had purchased a token to complete the campaign.
    • Fixed an issue where some enemies in Heroic Encounters were still dropping normal loot. This does not affect any of the final rewards given out by the Heroic Encounters."
    • My Only Enemy is Time now requires players to be level 70 to acquire the quest.
    • Resolved several text errors throughout all the Strongholds content.
    • Spider Attack!: should no longer be overlapped by the Lumberyard Tutorial Heroic Encounter.
    • Time Trial: Outer stronghold now requires players to be level 70 to acquire the quest.


Items and Economy

  • An eating animation has been added when consuming stronghold food. This animation can be canceled by moving.
  • An issue has been resolved wherein burning equipment was salvaging for less than intended.
  • An issue has been resolved wherein elemental burning equipment was salvaging for less than intended.
  • An issue has been resolved wherein grim equipment was salvaging for less than intended.
  • Chicken companion Legendary power now properly works.
  • Influence: Resolved an issue where players could not claim Influence or other rewards from certain Heroic Encounters.
  • Influence: The daily cooldown for how much Influence a player can earn will trigger at 3:00 AM, regardless of when a player earned their first Influence reward during the day.
  • Radiant Enchantment Rank 12 now properly grants +20% gold gain.
  • Resolved Glory donation issue where player deposit was divided by 100. Guild Marks are still reward at 1/100 Glory donated.
  • Resolved an issue wherein black ice shaping recipes for elemental dragonflight and lionsmane armor required already upgraded armor.
  • Stronghold Food
    • There is now an animation that is played when food is eaten.
    • is now Bound to Account on Pickup, changed from Bound on Pickup.
    • has a recharge timer of 5 seconds to reduce chances of accidental consumption.
  • Stronghold overload enchantments or "marks" are now Bind on Pickup, changed from Bind on Equip.
  • The dialog on the salvage traders Hieronymous Glim and Fordan Walksfar in Protector's Enclave and Caer-Konig respectively has been updated to more accurately reflect the conditions under which equipment may be salvaged.
  • VIP rank 1 description has been updated to include the Dungeon Key it gives every day.


Performance and Stablity

  • Resolved a crash with some Intel video chipsets when trying to load the game.
  • Resolved several game client crashes when resizing the game window.
  • Resolved several game client crashes when the game was manipulating character portraits and models in the UI.
  • Throttled down the speed at which requests were being sent to the video driver during shader loading. This should help reduce crashes on many lower end video cards and have minimal impact on higher end cards.
  • Updates to the performance and stability for FX using animations and costumes.


User Interface

  • Campaign: Now properly state that they require level 70 instead of level 60.
  • Golden Path is now more reliable when you have two quests with similar names.
  • Power, Artifact, Potion and Mount trays: the "Held" chains are now only drawn if the power is actually also unusable.
  • Professions window has had some adjustment to prevent 'bouncing' and 'wiggling' of elements in some cases.
  • Professions: Adjusted the layout to required resources in tasks to reduce how squished the text of some elements could look.
  • Stroghold Coffer: There is a new log in the guild window that shows what guild members have donated.
  • Stronghold Plots: Resolved an issue where the time to upgrade a structure shown in the confirmation window wasn't being shown correctly (it was being shown as always 0).
  • There is now an option in the power window to apply a free respec when one or more of the characters powers are not in a good state. This would manifest as powers not being purchaseable or VIP powers not being usable.

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