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Community Stronghold Complete: All Rewards Inside!

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Mon 17 Aug 2015 02:14:41 PM PDT

Well met, adventurers. As you may know, we started “building” our community stronghold over a week ago by spreading the influence of our official gameplay trailer and our “Strongholds is LIVE!” tweet and Facebook post. Well, congratulations, we’ve reached all nine goals we set, which has been reflected on our stronghold wallpaper! Not only has the community met those goals, but they blew them out of the water within a few hours! We couldn’t be more proud to have a community that continues their support for Neverwinter, especially when it comes to an expansion that brings adventurers together from all walks of life.

We were initially going to announce what goals were met after each week, but since you guys met all nine of them in such a quick time frame, we’re going to announce everything all at once. The wallpaper will still continue to grow though!

As promised, here are the dates that each reward will go live. All items will be claimable from the Zen Market at 10am PDT on the date mentioned for one full day. In addition, the developers have seen your unwavering devotion and have upgraded the Neverwinter Vanguard Pack to match it!

New Neverwinter Vanguard Pack

You get all of the following:

  • 5x Random Rank 5 Enchantments
  • 1x Stronghold Voucher
  • 1x Wayfarer's XP Booster
  • 5x Healing Potions (Appropriate for your level)
  • 5x Injury Kits (Appropriate for your level)


And 3 of the following

  • 1x Minor Power Stone
  • 1x Minor Stability Stone
  • 1x Minor Union Stone
  • 1x Minor Resonance Stone
  • 1x Minor Thaumaturgic Stone


Goal Met


Date (Time in PDT)

70K Trailer Views

1 Stone of Health


85K Trailer Views

Neverwinter Vanguard Pack + Cavalier title


100K Trailer Views

2x Enchantments & Runestones

8/20 at 10am – 8/24 at 10am PDT

100 Announcement Retweets

5 Scrolls of Life


200 Announcement Retweets

Claw of Bahamut & Scales of Bahamut

8/28 Update: These will go out on 9/3. Sorry for the inconvenience.

300 Announcement Retweets

2x RP

9/10 at 10am – 9/14 at 10am PDT

100 Facebook Shares

Mark of the Dragon Slayer, Rank 2


200 Facebook Shares

Double AD

8/28 at 10am – 8/31 at 10am PDT

300 Facebook Shares

Double Seals + Coins of Waukeen

9/3 at 10am – 9/7 at 10am PDT


Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and helped the entire community in obtaining these rewards! We're strong as a community and we hold together. Watch out for August 27 when we manually put all the events on the calendar!

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