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Neverwinter: Good Enough To Eat - Dev Blog

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Fri 31 Jul 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT

Greetings again Neverwintans! In my last blog post we looked at some of the new equipment coming with guild strongholds. Today I’d like to just sit back and have a drink or two, or three or five. There’ll be five ranks of drinks available at the launch of Strongholds, among countless other food items. Let’s take a look!

Before I go any further, you’re probably wondering: what’s the deal with food, why do I care about it? If you guessed buffs, and you probably did, you’re right on the money, and they stack with your potions. Food is a new category of consumable items. While you can only have one stronghold food in effect on your character at a given time, food does not prevent you from gaining buffs from potions, or other buff items, including foods from seasonal events.

There are subcategories of foods, not tags you’ll find on items per se, but apparent categories based on the type of food; be it meat, fish, bread, sweets, etc. While all food grants an ample amount of maximum hit points, food also grants a secondary stat based on its subcategory. Defense, regeneration, power, critical strike, movement speed, and recovery will all be available at launch. As for which stats belong to which subcategory, you’ll be able to get an idea from simply examining each item in the marketplace.

Speaking of the marketplace, food will be available for purchase as soon as your guild unlocks it. As you improve your marketplace—starting with rank 4, and then every 2 ranks after that—a new rank of food will become available for purchase. While the guild mark cost will rise with the rank of the food, so too will the stat bonuses offered.

But enough about food, all these delicious icons are making me hungry. (Dear icons team: I’m sorry if you had to work on any of these on an empty stomach!) Let’s talk about one of the other major consumables purchasable via guild marks—overload enchantments!

Overload enchantments have been around for a while now; no doubt some of you veteran adventurers are intimately familiar with the fleeting but powerful enchantments. Strongholds offer not only a slew of new overload enchantments, but a unique new use for them: enhancing companions.

Once the marketplace is unlocked, players will be rewarded with a free piece of companion equipment complete with an overload slot, and an overload enchantment to slot into it. Heroic encounters around the stronghold map will have a chance to drop a variety of additional pieces of companion equipment, covering every type of equipment available to companions, complete with overload slots.

With strongholds, there are two new primary types of overload enchantments, for both players and companions: marks of the slayer, and marks of the ward. Marks of the slayer increase your damage against certain types of enemy: for instance, orcs or dragons. Or, a specific player class in PvP: for instance, rogues or wizards. Marks of the ward essentially do the opposite, reducing the attack power of enemies of a certain type that hit you, or hit those you’ve recently healed.

Whether you’re heading into guild vs guild combat with the later release of Stronghold Siege, or you’re assembling your guild to take on the four dragons of the dragonflight, you’ll want to be well fed and well enchanted.

Douglas Miller
Associate Game Designer

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