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Neverwinter: Stronghold Siege Towers - Dev Blog

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Mon 27 Jul 2015 10:10:09 AM PDT

Stronghold Siege: Two Towers

Today we take a look at the defensive towers your guild can construct in its stronghold to aid in the Stronghold Siege PvP game.

Defensive towers provide extra firepower in combat. There are seven plots where the towers can be constructed: two in the top lane, three in the center lane, and two in the bottom lane. Each plot is located near an important location such as a bridge, supply depot, or siege point. Towers can be improved just like other plots on your Stronghold map. A tower’s attack becomes more powerful each time it increases in rank.

Defensive towers are active at the start of the match and automatically fire on any enemy who moves into range. Towers cannot be attacked directly, but they can be knocked out. Capturing a supply depot on the enemy’s side of the river disables all towers in the lane to which the captured depot is attached. If the depot is recaptured by the enemy, the towers become active again.

If your opponents have taken a lane and are bombarding your guild hall, check to see if your guild has built a tower near the enemy siege point. If there is a tower there, it can be worthwhile to take back the supply depot behind the siege point before attacking the catapults themselves. Breaking enemy control of the lane not only prevents them from adding more ammunition to the catapults, it reactivates nearby towers. The tower near the siege point automatically attacks the catapults and any enemies trying to protect them, making it that much easier to stop the bombardment.

With the launch of Strongholds, two defensive towers are available to build: the Archer Tower and the Sorcerer’s Tower.

The Archer Tower

The Archer Tower rapidly fires volleys of arrows at nearby enemies. The arrows affect a concentrated area (10’ radius), but can hit multiple targets within that area. What makes the Archer Tower versatile is that it can engage multiple targets simultaneously: one from each side of the tower. Be cautious when approaching an enemy Archer Tower alone; coming in from the wrong angle can allow multiple archers to engage you at once.

The Sorcerer’s Tower

The Sorcerer’s Tower uses a large rotating ring made of mithral and other rare metals to collect and focus arcane energy and then unleash this energy in a devastating blast. The Sorcerer’s Tower fires slower than the Archer Tower, and only fires one bolt at a time. But the blast from the bolt covers a large area (20’ radius) and can easily knock targets off their feet. This makes the tower useful as an area-denial weapon near chokepoints like bridges and for scattering large groups of the enemy.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield!

John Hopler

Senior Content Designer

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