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Neverwinter: Strongholds Developer Hub

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 01 Jul 2015 02:43:53 PM PDT


Welcome to the Neverwinter: Strongholds developer blog hub where you can find all our past, present and future blogs straight from our developers. These blogs will provide insight on not only the process of creating Strongholds, but also Neverwinter in general. So sit down by the fireside and enjoy!




Building a Stronghold


Mayhaps your guild prefers to obtain the new gear as soon as possible? Or even to prepare for the incoming PvP mode? No matter your vision, it's your stronghold, your way.

Guild leaders may set goals for their guild to focus on, but it's up to all the members to see these goals into fruition.

Check what's in your inventory, for you never know what could be useful in bringing your stronghold to success.

Creating a Map This Big


In our biggest map to date, players will need to trek through the hills of their Stronghold and its surroundings to raise various structures, fend off enemies and to have a place to call home. 

Guild members must travel all throughout this map to take part in multiple Heroic Encounters, which will further help grow their stronghold.

They may also take part in the Greed of the Dragonflight encounter, which is a stronghold-wide battle that may become vital to your stronghold's success.




Stronghold Siege PvP

PvP in Strongholds is LIVE. Stronghold Siege is a 20 vs. 20 MOBA-like mode, which pits guilds against each other as they gather supplies, win the favor of a dragon and attempt to the destroy the enemy's guild hall.






Neverwinter: Strongholds Developer Blog List

Strongholds Announcement – We’re proud to announce Neverwinter: Strongholds, the seventh expansion of the game, which sees players join with their guild to claim and restore an abandoned keep.

First Look at Strongholds – Get your first look at Neverwinter: Strongholds with this developer blog from Staff Content Designer, Sean “Commander Ander” McCann.

History of Strongholds in D&D – Gifted by powerful rulers or carved out of the depths of an unruly wilderness, strongholds act as the ultimate base of operations for heroes.

Domains of the Stronghold – Our next developer blog for Neverwinter: Strongholds shows you all the environments you’ll see and travel to in your stronghold.

Creating Our Biggest Map Yet – Environment Artist Jeff “LCDRMiller” Miller shows you how we made the biggest map yet for Strongholds in Neverwinter history!

Creating Creature Art – In this blog, we will walk through our process for creating creatures from Dungeons and Dragons lore.

The Lifecycle of a Stronghold - When a guild first decides to build a stronghold, they gain access to their stronghold map, a massive piece of real estate.

Feeding the Beast - In this article, we'll take a closer look at guild coffers, which are the central repository for all materials needed to build and upgrade structures.

Enemy at the Gates - Take a look at the enemies you'll encounter while trying to reclaim the stronghold and keep it running.

Required Resources - In this post, we go over the main resources that are required to build a structure.

Different Guilds, Different Strongholds - It's up to you to decide how to build your stronghold for everyone has their own unique vision.

Showing Progress - How does your guild function and look when you rank up? Find out here!

Planning Out Rewards - Read up on how the developers plan out rewards with each expansion.

New Gear With Strongholds - With a new expansion comes new gear. See what they look like and how to obtain them.

Preparing For Strongholds - Our lead designer goes over what you can do to prepare for Strongholds.

Stronghold Siege PvP - Get your first look at the 20 vs. 20 MOBA-like PvP mode that comes with Strongholds in September!

Stronghold Siege Towers - Learn about the different towers that will defend you in the Stronghold Siege mode.

Stronghold Boons - Read about the way that Boons work with Strongholds.

Boon Structure Guide - Look at this detailed guide on which structures provide what Boons.

Good Enough to Eat - Don't drool over your keyboard as you read about this new type of consumable.

Know Your Guild Hall - We talk about some of the visual changes to your Guild Hall as you rank up.

Building Buildings - Our art team goes over the process of designing structures.

Crushing Wave Lockbox - With the new Flail Snail Mount, you'll be invited to every garden!

Greed of the Dragonflight - This guild event is sure to come with a bite.

Why Did We Make Strongholds? - We go over our inspiration for Strongholds.

War is Coming! - Here's everything you need to know about Strongholds Siege PvP!

War is Here! - The battlegrounds are open! Will you conquer or crumble in our 20 vs. 20 PvP mode?

Discuss in the official forums.

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