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Patch Notes: NW.45.20150618a.2

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 24 Jun 2015 07:17:50 PM PDT

Maintenance tomorrow can take up to six hours and will start at 6AM PDT.

Classes and Balance

  • Difficulty
    • We are adjusting difficulty for all critters that are 61-70+ using some general guidelines:
    • All enemies now have roughly 50% more Hit Points.
    • All enemies deal roughly 25% less damage.
      • Our reasoning behind this is to address the main concern of enemies doing too much damage. With an increase in HP, it balances things to create more of a strategy than simply being killed in one hit.
    • Bosses are unaffected.
  • XP given, current XP and overflow XP has been adjusted at levels 61+ so that it is more rewarding to do at level content.


Content and Environment

  • Knox and Lord Neverember have updated and new quests to better direct players about what to do at level 70 including. Dungeons, Campaigns Artifact Equipment and Enchantments.
  • Drowned Shore
    • Attack on Blackdagger Keep: The supplies should no longer show up on the map as an objective once the objective is complete.
    • Subterranean Surge: The encounters should now fully despawn when the heroic encounter is over.
  • Fiery Pit
    • Geyser Samples: Geysers should now change up more frequently while Emberclaw is not active, making the objective a little easier to complete.
    • Hot to Handle: Reworded the objective text to make it more clear that there was a difference between the total number of armor required, and the current objective to collect one before dropping it in the well."
    • Torch Bearers: ncreased the Torch drop rate. Increased number required for objective from 6 to 8.
    • Traitorous Scum: Changed the names of the Duergar in the Crystal Fields to make it more clear what the objective was.
    • Trial by Fire: In order to reduce confusion about the objective, all Fire Archons in the Fiery Pit now contribute towards the objective, not just those within the Fallen Halls, but the Fallen Halls remains a good spot to go to for the quest.
  • Reclamation Rock: In Memorial: Quest clicky credit is not shared with nearby party
  • Spinward Rise
    • Birds of a Feather: Added more kenku eggs.
    • Clearing the Air: Moved a brazier slightly and moved encounters closer to the braziers.
    • Eyes in the Sky: Increased the drop rate from a 9% drop rate to a 17% drop rate.
    • Slaad Summoner, Lore of Chaos, Feeding the Slaadi: Added a campfire before the boss room in the Howling Maw.
    • Tempest in a Bottle, Cloud Magic, Giant Tribute: Cleaned up cutscene for Cirrus Skyseeker in Nimbus Tower.
    • The Seed of Air is now more closely guarded by a cloud giant and his minions.
    • Whispers on the Wind: Increased the drop rate from an 8% drop rate to a 15% drop rate. Increased number required for objective from 10 to 12.


Items and Economy

  • Armor Kits and Jewels can now be slotted in much lower level items.
  • Dell Mccourt has once again opened up his store for business in the Dread Ring.
  • Harper Bard Companion now works in SCA.
  • Harper Bard Companion power descriptions have been clairified.
  • Invocation
    • All Invokes now give a buff item. Use of this item gives 1 of the 4 invocation buffs from before M6.
    • All XP Boosts given by Invocation now SET the bonus to the amount instead of adding it.
    • All existing XP boosts that did give 25% bonus now gives 100% bonus XP
    • Made the 4th Invocation give a bag for the Refinement Point item.
    • Made the invocation buffs give more stats from levels 61-70.
  • Legendary Companion bonus power descriptions have been clarified.
  • New and Improved XP Boosts available in the Zen Market.  Existing XP Boosts have had their bonus pools increased but are no longer available.


User Interface

  • Bonus XP can now be seen in the XP bar tooltip information after level 70.
  • Invocation: Pressing Ctrl-I now invokes immediately then shows you what you were awarded.


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