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Neverwinter: Double Glory Event!

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Wed 10 Jun 2015 03:57:53 PM PDT

With the announcement of the Neverwinter Combat League (NCL), we’re turning on Double Glory! We encourage all our players to test their skills in PvP in order to see their name on the leaderboard and have a chance at obtaining the Armored Bulette Mount.

During this event, you will receive double the amount of Glory that you would normally get in Neverwinter!

Event Begins: Thursday June 11 10:00AM PDT

Event Ends: Wednesday June 17 10:00AM PDT

Ever walk into the Trade of Blades after a long day in Neverwinter, looked in a vendor shop and drooled over the PvP gear that you can’t afford? We know you have, and this is just the event to help you to reach those goals, as well. You can also check our Glory Boosters to show Domination all you’ve got and keep fighting for that dream set of PvP gear. 

Definitely a weekend you won’t want to miss. See you in Neverwinter!

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