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Patch Notes: NW.45.20150416c.6

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 29 Apr 2015 04:20:39 PM PDT

Classes and Balance

  1. Hunter Ranger: Gushing Wounds: This power will no longer have unintended interactions with other damage triggered abilities.


  1. Lair of Lostmauth: Updated the quest logic for the Twin Fire Scorpions to better track when they are defeated.

Items and Economy

  1. Dragon Hoard Coffers: Increased the drop rate for Dragon Hoard Coffers for enemies in the Well of Dragons.
  2. Dragon Hoard Coffers: Increased the number of Dragon Hoard Coffers awarded for defeating Dragon Heroic Encounters in the Well of Dragons.
  3. Duergar Guard and the Black Ice Prospector: Removed the force Taunt from active power granted to player. Instead they will now give extra Damage Resistance versus AoE attacks to the player.
  4. Wheel of Elements: Resolved an issue wherein temporary HP granted by the Wheel of Elements earth buff was not correctly absorbing damage.

Performance and Stability

  1. Resolved a client disconnect that could occur when changing maps.

User Interface

  1. Catalog: Search is now automatically done when switching to this tab instead of needing to be clicked the first time.
  2. Campaigns: Tyranny of Dragons: Donating to the Hoard is now possible from the campaign window again.

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