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Alchemical Extravaganza Now Live!

By Akromatik
Fri 27 Mar 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT

A rare stellar alignment in the Forgotten Realms has emerged once again and caused a surge in the potency of alchemical reactions. This rare cosmic occurrence, dubbed an “Alchemical Extravaganza,” has captured the attention of all the erudite researchers in Protector’s Enclave. During this celebration, Alchemy assets upgrade faster and players will have an opportunity to craft the loveably mercurial Alchemist Experimenter companion! Adventurers will also have a chance to receive bonus Alchemy assets or resources with every Professions Asset Pack or Professions Booster Pack they open.

Alchemical Extravaganza Begins: March 27th 10AM PDT (When is this for you?)

Alchemical Extravaganza Ends: March 30th 10AM PDT (When is this for you?)

For a limited time only, the Alchemical Extravaganza will allow players to upgrade their Alchemy assets at a vastly accelerated rate. Additionally, the Profession Supplies merchant in Protector’s Enclave will feature rare resources including those used in crafting the explosive companion.

During the Extravaganza, players can exchange Alchemy Resources and Assets for Purified Lead via the Profession Supplies Merchant in Protector's Enclave. This item can be used to purchase a Smoldering Satchel or the Codex of Alchemical Mastery. The Smoldering Satchel is an ominously charred bag containing the fruits of dangerous alchemical research. This satchel will give you a chance to receive a Codex of Alchemical Mastery, Alchemical Knowledge or an assortment of Alchemical Goods.

Alternatively, players can collect large amounts of Purified Lead and purchase the Codex of Alchemical Mastery directly, which grants the Alchemy Profession task needed to entice an Alchemist Experimenter to join your party.

The Alchemist Experimenter is a unique companion and a master of the alchemical arts. Using his knowledge of alchemy, he hurls Ember Flasks at its enemies and can also toss out Rejuvenating Potions to allies.

Like some of his potions, however, this companion is a bit unstable and isn’t afraid to verify his work by first testing it on himself.

The exclusive Alchemist Experimenter companion can be yours if you are willing to part ways with your alchemy resources. Need more? Don’t forget that during the Extravaganza, any Profession Pack purchased from the Zen Market will also include bonus Alchemy Resources! There’s no better time than now to start working your Alchemy.

Log in to join in celebration of the Alchemical Extravaganza and create the exclusive Alchemist Experimenter companion today!

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