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St. Patrick's Day Hide and Seek Event

By Akromatik
Mon 16 Mar 2015 12:31:11 PM PDT

Adventurers, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we will be hosting a day-long Hide and Seek event in Neverwinter! Throughout the day we will be in-game hiding in various locations with our Leprechaun companion. If you can find us you will be rewarded with Zen or your very own Leprechaun companion!

How does it work?

Follow our Twitter account and keep an eye out for Tweets hinting at our location. We will be in-game 5 times throughout the day starting at 10 AM PST. We will be using #LeprechaunHunt if you want to keep track of us using the hashtag.

What prizes can you win?

The first player to find us each time will receive a Leprechaun companion and 1,000 Zen! It’s not quite a pot of gold, but close enough! The Zen will be delivered within 48 hours and it will be deposited directly in-game so no code needed. We will also be giving out Leprechauns and Dye Packs to the runners up.

When does it start?

The event will start at 10 AM PDT on Tuesday March 17, 2015.

We will be in-game throughout the day giving away tons of prizes so if you miss one of the events don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to win! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for the announcements.

Let the hunt begin! 

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