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Xbox One Class Spotlight: Hunter Ranger

By Andy | Tue 10 Mar 2015 03:00:00 PM PDT

Role: Versatile (Ranged or Melee) and Control

While other classes are restricted by distance, the Hunter Ranger can swiftly change roles depending on the situation. Skilled in the powers of nature, some of your abilities apply Grasping Roots, tethering your enemy to their current location. You’re also skilled at debuffing the enemy both from a distance and in close-range. You are the most versatile class in terms of role in the party and the damage you deal is no walk in the park either.

Class Mechanic: Ranged and Melee Stance

As previously stated, you have the ability to switch stances from ranged to melee. In Ranged Stance, you use your nifty bow and arrow to deal damage from afar, keeping your distance from the enemy. In Melee Stance, you deliver quick, but deadly swipes to the enemy. Due to your unique class mechanic, some of your skills focus on closing the gap from Ranged to Melee or making an escape from Melee to Ranged.

In Battle:

Your enemies will never know what to expect as you switch stances back and forth, keeping them on their toes. If you so happen to prefer one style over the other, all the more power to you! A strictly ranged Hunter Ranger is just as effective as a melee Hunter Ranger. Your class, your way.

For a ranged Hunter Ranger, skills like Hawk Shot increase damage based on distance from the enemy while Thorn Ward deals damage to any enemy caught in its field, reducing their defenses for easy pickings from afar.

For a melee Hunter Ranger, use Marauder’s Rush to quickly dash directly to the enemy to strike them. Use Boar Charge to knock into your enemy, causing them to go prone.

If you want to be a jack of all trades, the Hunter Ranger is for you!

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