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PvP with the Devs March 6th!

By Akromatik
Wed 04 Mar 2015 02:19:31 PM PST

Greetings adventurers!

Have you wanted to show the Neverwinter developers your PvP prowess or are curious about PvP in Module 6?

Good news: you’ll get your chance this Friday 3/6 from 5-6PM PST! Our developers want to get your feedback about PvP at level 70, so join us on the NeverwinterPreview server for some PvP fun!

Event Time: Friday March 6th from 5:00-6:00PM PST (When is this for you?)

Not level 70? Not a problem! Our magical developers, such as Panderus, will be hanging out in the Trade of Blades in Protector’s Enclave during the event to increase the level of any characters’ who want to participate to level 70. We'll also be giving out some special prizes to a few of the players who join us on NeverwinterPreview!

Not on Neverwinter Preview yet? Here’s how to get in:

- Go to

- Click the "Sign Up!" button. This makes your account Preview enabled, and allows you to select "NeverwinterPreview" as a shard in the Neverwinter launcher. Now, you'll be able to make a new character and play on NeverwinterPreview, or...

- On the next page, select one of your previously existing characters from the dropdown menu.

- Select NeverwinterPreview as the destination to copy the character in the following dropdown menu.

- Press the Copy button.

- Open your Neverwinter launcher, select the NeverwinterPreview shard, and wait for your client to patch.

- Launch the game. If you copied your character over, you will now see it on NeverwinterPreview. Otherwise, you will have to make a new character.

Please note that copying a character to NeverwinterPreview will not affect your character on the Neverwinter live shards in any way, and certain account features (such as buying and spending Zen) are not available on NeverwinterPreview.

Come join us on NeverwinterPreview at 5:00PM PST this Friday to parley and PvP with the Neverwinter developers. We guarantee it will be a bloody good time!

Click here to register for Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons action MMORPG. The best part about Neverwinter: it's free to play! Get a head start in-game by purchasing Neverwinter item packs which include unique companions, mounts, boosts, and exclusive benefits!

Want more game details, screens, and videos? Like Neverwinter on Facebook for more fan-exclusive content and follow us on Twitter – tweet us your questions! And, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest Neverwinter videos.

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