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Xbox One Class Spotlight: Devoted Cleric

By Andy | Tue 03 Mar 2015 03:00:00 PM PST

Role: Healer and Support

What’s a party without a healer? Your role is arguably the most crucial when it comes to questing through dungeons. One wrong move could mean the demise of your loyal party members who cling to you like a dragon clings to gold, which is why your divine powers also buff party members and debuff enemies. But what if there’s no one left to heal? Well, that’s where the term smite evil comes from, and when the divine powers smite, only dust is left behind.

Class Mechanic: Channel Divinity

As faith wavers, yours strengthens. Every time you deal damage and eventually heal in combat, you Channel Divinity. Upon activating Divinity, your normal attacks change to Punishing Light, which deals a steady stream of damage, and Soothing Light, which restores your health or any ally’s. Additionally, your powers gain additional effects if used while in Divinity. Managing the Divinity gauge and using it only in times of need are crucial to your role as the Devoted Cleric.

In Battle:

Lance of Faith is your most reliable attack; few enemies can withstand incoming spears of light. To bend enemies to your will, encase them with the cleric’s alternate at-will Astral Seal power. Your party will recover health by attacking a spellbound enemy!

One of the first encounter abilities available is Daunting Light, an area-of-effect spell that casts a divine column of light to rain down on enemies. Used with divine power, the Devoted Cleric can cast some spells quicker and affect a larger area! One of the first daily powers is Hallowed Ground. The cleric sanctifies an area to reduce incoming damage for allies and buffs their damage output in desperate times in battle.

The Devoted Cleric awaits those of good head and heart for loyalty is your strongest weapon.

Neverwinter for Xbox One will be available on March 31st. Check out the official page here.

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